Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello all, I've not really got much to say today (brain has switched off lol) so I'll get straight into pics from the Mulberry Silks deColourant show samples and a few of  'he who must be obeyed'. 

This Sunday sees the start of the Oct comp give away at the Studio 12 blog so check it out, it's easy to entre.

Just look at those eyes and cute little chops wrapped round Duckie, how are you supposed to resist that and not give in.  And doesn't he know it the little devil.
Now the weather is turning he's feeling the cold, I wish his coat was thicker as he spends half the winter shivering bless him, even in his coats and jumpers
And this is Baggins giving Sammy her unimpressed stare
A card I made for my Creative Expressions demo. I missed it last time sorry.
A padded fabric canvas. I wanted a vintage feel to this so I didn't heat the snowflakes round the edge much and I flicked decolourant plus on it at the end too to add some textural effects.  deColourant, deColourant plus (bright red, pearl, gold and bronze).  That Special Touch mini mask, Creative expressions stamps, Clarity stamp, beads, stickles and charms
deColourant plus (silver), beads and a bell. Creative Expressions stamp
deColourant plus (gold), bell and Creative Expressions stamp
deColourant plus (pearl) stickles, Creative Expressions stamp and bell
deColourant Plus (Bronze), sequins and beads, Creative Expressions stamp and bell
deColourant works incredibly well through screens.  The card below uses two, the background and the butterflies and I'm totally in love with them.  They could be my next obsession!  deColourant, deColourant plus (bright purple), Spellbinder dies, Couture Creations embossing folder, distress ink pads, Cosmic Simmer mister and Chocolate Baroque stamp.
Another fabric panel mounted on a card. deColourant, deColourant plus (white, sunlight yellow, Tuscan Brown, and spruce), Creative Expressions stamps, Clarity Stamp, stickles, ribbons and gems
deColourant, Clarity stamps, Creative Expressions stamps, Clarity cardstock (coated silk art card), Kaleidacolor inkpad applied with a brayer, Cosmic shimmer mister, ribbons and brads
deColourant, deColourant plus (Carnation and Venetian red), That Special Touch mask, Paper Artsey stamp, a flower stamp and bubble wrap
deColourant, a flower stamp, cosmic shimmer acrylic mister, distress inkpad pearls and ribbon
deColourant, deColourant plus (robins egg blue, cobalt blue, sunlight yellow and landscape golden yellow)
Again I didn't heat some elements much so they are faded, I wanted a vintage collage feel without the vintage colours.  It's a shame some of the fainter elements aren't showing on the photo so it looks a little unbalanced. I used a whole host of stamps, masks and stencils on this Tshirt..

Friday, 21 September 2012

It's Friday evening and I'm sat in a freezing cold hotel room, what fun, Brrrrr!

Don't forget tomorrow is the deColourant show at 2pm on create and craft.  We have some new trio packs and some single colours in addition to the normal sets.  There are also some exciting things in the pipeline for future shows so I can't wait for them to be available.  If I could tell you what they were I would, but I'm having to keep my mouth firmly zipped.  It's very hard so I may just let something slip at some point, inadvertently of course lol.

Check out all the wonderful inspiration over at the Studio 12 blog.  All the DT ladies are creating some fabby things.  Rosemary Merry will be back on Create and Craft on the 29th with Studio 12 and Polka Doodles so don't miss that, they should be great shows and not to be missed.

At long last here are the Clarity stamp samples from the last shows. 


Monday, 10 September 2012

Well here I am again with so many pics to show you that I can't possibly show them all in one post so it will have to be half today and half next week.

I find myself very tired indeedy today, in fact I slept all afternoon in front of the telly! not good for the work front but sometimes you just have to admit defeat and give in to what your body is telling you.  Talking of that does anyone have a miracle pill or potion that helps (and I mean really helps) with hot flushes, seriously they are driving me to distraction, a year and a half (or is it two years now, time goes so quick) in and they are still going strong, I tell you I'm so fed up with having to change PJ's in the night.  And the worst of all, when I'm in mid flow trying to be all professional demoing in front of crafters or on C&C tv and I'm virtually dripping on my work. It just ain't funny anymore, somebody please please please tell me they will end soon!

Right back to all things crafty.  I had the most amazing time at Monkton Elm Garden Centre in Taunton on Saturday, such lovely warm and welcoming staff and customers.  I even stroked a barn owl, I tell you I could have snatched him/her right off the arm he was perched on and given him a big, tight squidgy cuddle, they are so soft and beautiful too of course.  There were also llamas there too, again big soft and squidgy.  I must say they were very well behaved indeed.  They along with me were there for the opening of the newly refurbished and extended pet and craft departments.  I was asked to go back and I will be there at the beginning of Nov and I'm really looking forward to it.

Below are some of the samples I made for Monkton Elm's and Squires (Shepperton, next weekend) demos.  All made with Creative Expressions and Rangers products. Such a lovely time I had making them all, but all I can say is thank goodness for Rangers hand scrubbies, what a godsend they are.
Studio 490 art parts, Creative Expressions stamps, dazzlers, micro beads, vintage UTEE and ribbon, Rangers archival inkpad, paint dabbers and idea-ology.  I was sent the pearl paint dabber, Oh my it is lush, I had to stop myself using it on everything.
 Studio 490 art parts, creative expressions stamps and embossing powder, Ranger archival inkpads, distress stains, paint dabber, idea-ology and glossy accents
Creative Expressions stamps, embossing folders, embossing powder, vintage UTEE,embellishments and ribbon, Rangers archival inkpad, distress inkpads and stains, idea-ology, paint dabber and tissue tape
Creative Expressions stamps, ribbons, dazzler, pearl pva glue, mica flakes, that special touch masks and black and cream paper from 6x6 pad (these are totally lush, I'm going to need another one very soon), Ranger archival inkpad, alcohol inks, white pen, distress inkpads and sizzix dye.
Creative expressions stamps, embellishments, embossing powders, ribbons, more cream and black paper from the pad and spellbinders dyes. Rangers distress inkpads, archival inkpad, perfect medium and alcohol ink (on the zipper rose).
Creative expressions stamp, ribbons, embellishments, embossing powder, spellbinder dyes and CC embossing folder. Rangers archival inkpad, vintaj patina's, idea-ology and paint dabbers.
 Creative Expressions stamps, micro beads, ribbons and embellishments.  Rangers archival inkpads, alcohol inks and Sizzix dye.
Creative Expressions stamps, cosmic shimmer mica mists and ribbon, Studio 490 art parts and embellishment.  Rangers archival inkpad, distress stain and paint dabber.
Creative Expressions stamps. Rangers distress inkpads and stains
 Creative Expressions stamps, embellishment, ribbons and embossing powder, CC embossing folder and that special touch masks.  Rangers archival inkpad, distress inkpads, grunge paper and distress stains.
Creative Expressions embellishment and ribbon, CC embossing folder. Rangers distress inkpads, paint dabbers and idea-ology.
 Creative Expressions stamps, ribbons, mica flakes, cosmic shimmer mist, and that special touch mask.  Rangers archival inkpads, distress inkpads, grunge paper and sizzix dye
Creative expressions stamp, dazzlers, pearl pva glue, cosmic shimmer mica mist, embellishments, that special touch masks, embossing powders and cream and black papers from the pad. Rangers archival inkpad, distress inpads and stains, Idea-ology and sizzix dyes.
 Creative Expressions stamps, embossing powder, CC embossing folder, ribbon and bakers twine. Rangers archival inkpad, distress inkpads, perfect pearls, tissue tape and idea-ology.  I almost forgot, the measurements and instructions for making this shaped card are on the Creative Expressions website, I think Suzzane has done it but I could be very wrong there.  Whoever did come up with card shape though it's certainly an excellent one and my thanks go to them.
Creative Expressions stamps, ribbons, dazzler, pearl pva glue, CC embossing folder and Spellbinder dye.  Rangers distress inkpads , idea-ology and stickles
Creative Expressions stamps, embossing powder and that special touch masks.  Rangers archival inpad,distress inkpads and stickles.
Creative expressions stamps, embossing powder, bakers twine, CC embossing folder and spellbinder dye.  Rangers distress inkpad, vintaj patina's and idea-ology, sizzix dye.
Creative Expressions stamps, embellishments, embossing powder, ribbons and bakers twine.  Rangers distress inkpads, stains and markers.

Phew, that's enough for now, next time I will show the Clarity Stamp show samples.