Saturday, 31 August 2013

OK so I'm running late and I'm rather behind, it is what it is and there's no changing it now. I'll catch up eventually.

I had a lovely day at Birdworld this month, I took Auntie and Uncle and my Auntie Bet out there for the day, could have done without the screaming kids but being the school holidays there wasn't much we could do about it. We still had a good day though.
This swan had an attitude problem. It kept coming over and telling us off
 This has to be the funniest bird there, sprawled out of the floor and no head! I don't think we saw it at all.
You cant not get pics of the penguins, its the law!

Now for some makes, the first is a 12x12 canvas I did for Nikky over at Polka Doodles.  It uses all Studio 12 and Susun Weckesser Studio 12 range of stamps. They are back in stock at long last, they are perfect for art journaling and altered art as well as cardmaking, they have to be amongst my fave I think.
Clarity Stamp samples now, these first ones are from the last show, a bit late I'm afraid but heyho, better late than never and all that!
The next lot are from Maria's show. Only one of these actually got shown so here are the other nine that i did as well.
 Bye for now x