Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A mixed bag

Well I've been faffing about for ages on all the images so grab yourself a cuppa. I'm afraid I really can't be fagged now to put them in a better order now so this will just have to do. I'm not going to write masses as I'm not feeling at my best and it is now rather late.

I'm really proud of these pics. I'm not known for my photography skills so I nearly did handstands when I saw these.

Just look at the colours in these beauties

Sammy has to go to vets later this morning for his injection. I'm going to be the meanest mummy on earth in his eyes.
Colin just has to tuck him all up so he's nice and cosy.
Had to add a pic of Emma. She really was a Daddy's girl. She had ears that a German Shepherd would be proud of but you can't see them here.

A few samples I did for Kars. This one uses Basic Grey papers
7gypsies goodies

I can't tell you how many people have tried to look under the paper to see if Colin has anything on, lol. And you'll never know either.
Splodged some paint on this one
I love this canvas. Thick structure paint heated with the heat gun, so it bubles. It looks like molton lava and it's very touchy-feely

More 7Gypsies

And some sneak peeks of latest project. Sorry can't show more, but I'm sure you can work it out. I used Fa La La stamps by Making Memories and Tim Holtz distress inks, plus a few other bit and bobs.

That's all for now. I'm heading for the sleep zone now.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Roasted Lobsters at the beach

How hot was it yesterday? It certainly made more than the tomato plants wilt I can tell you. I'm sure the tubs they're in moved nearer the tap. I think the roots snuck through the holes in the bottom and they are are on a sneaky move. I'm keeping my eye on them though so they won't get far, lol.

I had to make a couple of trips along the seafront yesterday, boy was it packed. I think half of London was right here on the beach. Bodies everywhere, heat haze over the tarmac and concrete and a strong smell of sun cream and fish and chips filtering its way through the air-con in the car. Some people were obviously slapping on the cream, but by the second trip later in the afternoon there were a lot of very bright red/pink lobsters walking about. They're gonna be sore today that's for sure. You really would think with all the adverts and warnings that more people would take notice. If yesterday's anything to by, there's still a lot of silly sods out there that think they will never have a problem. Ermmm, wrong answer people.

Sammy has settled in well and totally made himself at home, just need to sort out the P&P training. At the moment he thinks the puppy pads are there for his enjoyment. He grabs and edge then dashes across the room with it. It's such a comical sight, it's hard to tell him off for it. but firm and stern I must be if I'm going to have a non smelly house.

Not a lot of creating has got done in the last few days (I wonder why), but I must get back to it, I'm a bit behind now, so I'm going to be very good from now on. Well try anyway!

I have managed to get one project finished. With paints and inks in the ingredients it was a project I enjoyed doing. There's nothing I like more than getting messy with inks and paints. I had a papermache shape that I gesso'd, then painted and inked, then stamped. I was in my element and in heaven for a few hours. I was going to add some sneaks of this, but I can't find the pics. Seems to be the story of my life right now, so I'll do another post later when I have located them.

Got to get the tea sorted now, so boring, but you've got to eat I spose.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Killer puppy Samwise

Excitement and chaos reigns in this house today.
A new arrival to our little family. An eight week old Cairn x Jack puppy. We've (well me actually) called him Samwise (sammy) after Frodo's faithful companion in the Lord of the Rings. The cat's have taken it remarkably well. I new Bilbo wouldn't be a problem, but I was worried about Baggins as she has a habit of launching straight for young dogs, especially since we lost Emma in January. But she has been very good, we've had a hiss or two when he's gone gamboling up to her, but she's walked away. To be fair he is very small, so I don't think she feels threatened by him, so we are all pretty much happy so far. Take a look at his royal cuteness, I defy anyone not to go ahh.
He wasn't too sure about the long snake in the garden......
....but then decided to attack. Bilbo was bored by this point and pretended not to take any notice.
Meanwhile Baggins kept watch over the proceedings from a safe distance.
Colin thought it was about time to give the snake a break from needle teeth.
A little snooze after all the killing.
Then wide awake and after a little look round discovered the cats toys. Poor squeaky mouse will never be the same again!

Do you think the beds big enough for him? Lol

That's all for now, I'm pooped from laughing so much, and the little chap is having another sleep in readiness for his next adventure.

Sweet puppy dreams to you all

Friday, 21 August 2009

Yay it's KaJeD Designs

Just a quick post today with some sneaky peeks at some of the designs that will be finding themselves transformed into craft papers for KaJeD Designs (pronounced caged). We are working away on these and others as we speak, and Kate is weaving her very special magic and producing some lubbly bubbly papers. All very exciting stuff for us, and I can't wait till we can get the shop set up and have something for people to have a squizz at.

Here's our logo, I'm the poor cat locked in the cage, lol.

Winter Ice skating 50's style

And some little cuties done by your's truly. And just for you Dyan I've added the southern softie reindeer, lol.

Bye for now, I have loads of artful creating to do, so I'm off to get on with it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cutting, Sticking and Toxic fumes

Phew, I've made it through all the cutting, sticking and toxic fumes and it's only going to be a day later than the final, final deadline. Not bad going considering the set backs.
Having made all the cards I had to glitter them yesterday and today, so now I've got bloody sparkly specs all over the house. I even found some in my dinner tonight. It's amazing how it travels all over. I seriously think each grain is actually a life form from outer space, and they're planning on taking over the world.

Life's been put on hold mostly since this job was delivered by the postie, so I've not really got much to report on.

Except for one very exciting piece of news. Very soon a new etsy shop will be opening for business selling downloadable papers, digi stamps and brushes. Myself and the very talented Kate Musselwhite (not that she will admit to it) have joined forces to work on our own designs and projects. Kate is one of the Mac designers for the papercrafting company that I also freelance for. It is such a change to actually please yourself design wise. My previous illustrations have been used for craft papers but there is something very satisfying about doing it and knowing that you have complete say over it.

I've been working on a few designs to start with, and I'm really pleased with them so far. They are fun and cute. As in not your granny cute, but sassy cute with humour. And Kate found some of her mums sketches and drawings from when she was a teenager. They are truly amazing images and we are also going to be using some of these. Kate says her mum would be so pleased and proud that they are being used, as she had always wanted to go to art college, but opportunities in the 1950's were sadly few and far between.

We will also be adding photo images at some stage. But as the saying goes 'walk before you run', so we will be taking it one trip-up at a time. I will keep you updated and I may even give you some sneaky peeks if your lucky. Did I really just say that! think the silicon glue fumes must have gone to my head, lol. Wouldn't surprise me if I'm hooked on the stuff now, I've used that much of it over the last few days. I'm probably going to have to wean myself off it now!
Anyways enough rambling for now, here are a few pics for you.
A few pages from a concertina book, using 7 Gypsies products and some inks. That's me in the pink dress. Well if you can call it dress, more like a top with no bottoms. My mum has scarred me for life making me wear such short dresses. She might have thought it looked real cute, but she didn't have to wear the bloody things!!!

A card, sorry forgot to turn it the right way up, just tilt your head to the left and it will look much better honest.
A little somthing for the wall maybe?

And some cards made from the noteworthy range by Making Memories

These were a small part of masses of stuff I made for the Kars stand at the stiches show, and I've just realised it was last years not this years, A bit old maybe, but I still like them.

Take Care till next time

Dee xxx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Oh boy, what a day!

Well I'm back for more. Can't say I'm any the wiser, but never mind. I promise I will try to do better and more often. 'Try' being the operative word.

At the end of last week I got an email asking me if I could do some work. No problem said I, ha ha if only I had known, I'd have gone running for the hills at 100 miles an hour. The stuff got delivered on Thursday and being organised (or so I thought) I decided to do most of the cutting out first. So Thurs eve, all day Fri till midnight and an hour or so this morning I snipped and chopped as if my life depended on it.
The first card went well and I put that to one side then to my horror half way through the next one I found a fundamental flaw in the design. My heart sank, I took a deep breath and then I screamed. I took another deep breath and got the third design out to check that, and after staring at it disbelief realised it too was wrong. All those hours of cutting all for nothing. I was totally gutted and my language would have made most men blush. Colin somehow managed to sleep through all this, but I'm mystified quite how he managed it.

Well the deadline is now well and truly out the window, with my will to live following along behind, lol. Things really can only get better after this. That thought is in my head and I'm hanging on to it like it was keeping me afloat in the ocean.

I was going to put some piccies of things I had done using 7Gypsies and some painted pieces, but I seem to have mislaid the disc (sorry Dylan). As soon as I find where the pesky pixies have hidden it I will share with you.
Instead here are a few gilded and faux finished pieces. I'll add some cards and other papercraft samples next time.

Marbled and gilded mirror. I stank the house out for days doing this one, he he. The gilding was distressed with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Mmm, yum yum!

A marbled box with decoupaged rose petals on the lid. This was a real labor of love with about 28 layers of varnish on the lid to completely cover the dried rose petals. Worth it though, it was a bit of a show stopper.
Marbled and gilded picture frame. I used spirit inks (the same as alcohol inks) on the gilded areas.
A gilded box with some very dodgy stamping done!

Lapis Lazuli sample.

A marbled flower pot. This turned out far better than I had expected. Sometimes the unexpected happens and you really shock the socks off yourself.

Lastly a snippet of faux rosewood I did. Looks almost real doesn't it?

Sorry about the rather naff photo skills, they have improved slightly since I took these. Not a massive amount granted, but we can't be good at everything can we!

Well it's well past my bedtime, so I'm off to find one of the cats to snuggle up with.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Now what do I do?

Well, here I am doing something I have been meaning to do for years, and never quite got round to. Oh boy, I'm here now without a clue. I mean what was I thinking, I have no idea what I'm doing. This is going to be a steep learning curve me thinks! I don't even know how to set the page up, add things and make it look all pretty or cool and sophisticated. Hmmm, have I bitten off more than I can chew, well we have to wait and see. Assuming of course that you return to find out.

Any help and advice will be most welcome. Feel free to leave me a comment.

Maybe I should at least start by telling you a bit about myself, seeing as this is my first post and all.

One very important thing you should know from the start is that I'm chronically bad at spelling. Most 7 year olds spell better than me, lol. So forgive or ignor, just don't expect perfection cos you ain't going to get it!

I'm a qualified Interior Designer (not that you'd know that looking at my home!), and Faux Effects Artist. I've been a crafter and fiddler since I can remember. My mum always says I never scribbled I just picked up a pencil and drew. I'm not saying her memory's gone, but I really think it's about time she took the rose tinted glasses off. Love her to bits really.

My cardmaking projects are regularly in Making cards, and sometimes in other craft magazines.

I'm a mad stamper, and compulsive edge inker (the cats ears look good edged I can tell you) and at the last count I had over 2,000 rubber stamps and that was 3 years ago now. Who knows how many there are now, I just don't have the will to count them.

Think that may be enough for now. More to follow soon. in the meantime I will leave you with 3 cards (if I can add them that is). I made these for Making Cards magazine using the lovely Kirsty Wiseman's CD 'Patti Picklicious Printables' and not forgetting the scrummy bag of 'Patti's Pretties'. I love this cd and it's now the first one I reach for on my shelf. If your tempted go to .