Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tecnology failure

Just a very quick update while I've hi-jacked my Mother-in-laws computer and internet connection. Technology has let me down and I have no broadband connection at home, nothin, zilch, no banana.

As you can imagine I'm less than pleased with the situation. I rely on my email for all things work related, and I have to search for products etc, so it's really not helpful being told that an Engineer can't come till Friday pm. He'd better be the best god damned looking engineer in the world to make up for it that's all I can say. A handsome face and well tuned bod with a cute butt will help pacifi my disposition no end, tee-hee.

Well, got to go now. Will update again as soon as I'm back up and running.
Take care till then, Dee

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Aliens are coming!

I've had a very odd time since the last post, and all in all I haven't got much work done. It's almost as if I've been in a time warp and been fast forwarded to this point now. I couldn't even tell you what I've been doing to fill the all the time, lol. Maybe I've been given a little flash of what I will be like when I'm old and forgetful, well Ok even more forgetful than I am now.

Talking of odd, take a looksy at Debs piccy of strange lights in the sky at click on the pic to get a better look at them. It's official, the aliens are on their way, and world domination is going to start from the north of England. Don't say I didn't warn you when it happens.

Here are a few xmas card ideas for you, made with mainly Design House products. The rubber stamps are stocked by Pantiles Papertole at and the papers are stocked by Pantiles and A Card 4 U at

Stamped and water coloured using Sukura stardust pens.
Stamped with Adirondack ink pad
Stamped then Water coloured
Coloured with crystal lacquers
I used some Cute Companions backgrounds for these fun stamped penguins
Ella papers with Black Magic Color Core cardstock and Cuttlebug embossing folder
Another Blooming Fairy
And now an update on Sammy. He's growing fast, his legs are getting longer and so is his back. It's like he gets stretched one way overnight and then the other way the next night. He's getting very naughty at the moment, and I keep finding things with the corners chewed. It's a good job everything (except the carpet) is old and a bit tatty anyway, lol. Once he's over the chewing faze I have a really good excuse to get some new stuff at last.
Colin is back to working away now so he's missing all the fun, and Sammy is really missing him too. Well chewing his ears and nose anyway!
The trouble is he's just too darn cute to stay angry with when he's been naughty, I mean just look at him. How could you stay mad at that for more than a minute?
He's all teeth and claws at the moment, and love a god game of rough and tumble
He's quite fond of collecting bits out of the garden, bringing it in to the living room, chewing it up, spitting all the bits everywhere then walking away with a butter wouldn't melt expression. Thanks for that Sam!

Bye for now and keep an eye open for those Aliens.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Window shopping and drooling.

What a busy weekend it was, Saturday I was on the WS Designs stand with Paul Church at the Worthing Show. I met some lovely people and had a really good day, until the end when my resolve buckled and I spent too much money. I am now however the proud owner of the complete set of Copic pens. Well not quite, gasp, shock, horror, one of my sets had a wrong pen in it, so now I have 2 E11's and I'm needing an E21. Am thinking about emailing the makers, but can't decide if it's really worth the effort. I'll let you know the outcome of my decision when I've pondered a little longer.

After the show it was a quick tea and wash and brush up before heading for the inlaws place to meet up with Colin's Uncle who was on a flying visit from York. I'm sorry to say I fell asleep for a while, just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, but they forgave me, knowing I had been out all day. It was the inevitable late night and I had to drag a grumpy tipsy Colin home at 12.45. Grumpy because he never wants to leave anywhere when were out and I'm a miserable boring witch for spoiling his fun, lol. I keep telling him that that is my role in his life and just has to get used to it. You'd have thought that after 18 years he would have realised it's just easier to do what I say!!!

I spend some time window shopping and drooling on the Internet yesterday. Blond Moments have a really fabby fun Christmas collection just launched. All painted and drawn by the fabulous Dyan, master of all things painty, inky and altered at Art From The Heart, you can see them here . Paper Artsy have some scrummy rubber stamp plates out. I'm finding the one with the cat on almost impossible to resist, you will find these in Dyan's shop as well,

Another drooling must have when I have some wonga is some of the new Bazzill products. The glazed 12x12's are stunning, and now they have some 'Just the Edge cardstock strips', the Christmas ones are going to look just perfect on my cards this year if I manage to get them. You can see them on A Card 4 U's website, along with many other must haves if you dare to look,

A few picks of projects using some older SEI bits and bobs I had. They really are lovely touchy feely papers with flocked detailing and they make really quick cards in a blink of the eye.

Sorry but you're going to have to do a spot of head tilting again. The silly woman in a rush (that'll be me then) forgot to turn some of them the right way up before uploading. Don't say I haven't warned you so no complaining of a stiff neck please.

A natty little napkin holder that I use on my work table to put all those left over bit of cut card and paper when working on a project.

A nice and simple, but effective birthday card using some cuttlebug dies and embossing folders
Another really simple one with some added paper flowers
Mmm, I'm not quite so keen on this one. It seemed like such a good idea at the time!
Just love the leaf designed velvet paper, I could stroke it all day, lol
Daddies little girl Emma
Another quick and easy card
And a concertina pocket card. For some reason none of the tags have ribbon tied on, and I have absolutely no idea why. They did have ribbon ties, just don't know why they're not in this photo. I must have had a visit from the ribbon pixies.
That's all for now. Take care all, Dee xxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Another long gap between blogs, I'm sorry for that, but in my defence I have been a little bit poorly of late. Nothing major just the normal blurr feeling I get from time to time all thanks to having the Autoimmune disease called Lupus. For those of you have never heard of Lupus, it's in the same family of illnesses as MS. Basically my body attacks itself and I get a whole array of symptoms such as the feeling of complete exhaustion and severe chest and shoulder pains. At the moment it's just the tiredness that's getting to me and I'm constantly craving sweet surgery treats and drinking gallons of full fat coke. How I wish I didn't love this stuff so much, it really doesn't do me any good, lol. Sadly no sparks of energy have surfaced as yet but I'm hopeful that I will be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.

I drove along the sea front today and what a beautiful day it is. Blue skies with a few wispy clouds and the sea was flat and the most fantastic blue I've seen it for ages. It's the sort of day you'd expect in June, July and August. Almost perfect, shame it's a bit late coming, but I suppose we should be used to crap summers by now.

I have managed to get some work done this last week and managed to make a few extra cards.

Here is one I made using a fan stamp by WS designs. When I first saw it I immediately thought Christmas tree. I'm afraid to say I'm not a pretty fan sort of person, but it does work well used both ways if you do like fans.
Sorry to say, it didn't enter my head to photo the different stages till I was half way through. I will try to remember for next time.
How to make
  1. Repeat stamp the fan in a circle on A4 black card with a VersaMark inkpad. Sprinkle on black embossing powder and heat with a heat gun/tool. Trim slightly smaller than a 7x5 card blank. Mix a small amount of red mica powder with water to make a pearly paint and paint the edges of the panel. Wrap a piece of red grosgrain ribbon round the centre, then fix to a 7x5 red card blank
  2. Stamp and emboss the fan onto Black card with gold embossing powder. Trim round the tree leaving a small border. Colour in the centre sections of the tree/fan and the edges with the mixed paint. Fix to the card with 2mm foam pads. Cut a rectangle from the offcuts of the backing sheet and paint the ling edges. Fix to the card under the tree to form the trunk with 1mm foam pads.
  3. Stamp and emboss your greeting on black card with gold embossing powder. Trim and paint the edges. mount onto a piece of the offcuts from before, then trim and paint the edges. Fix over the bottom of the trunk with 2mm foam pads.
  4. Tie a bow from the red ribbon and fix to the trunk. Decorate the card and tree with red and black gems. Optional extra - fold a short piece of ribbon in half and fix to the top right hand corner of the card as a page tab.

This card used one of the new silhouette templates from WS designs. They really are dead easy to use and you can make some stunning cards with them. I used Crafts House Plum Pudding paper pack with this one. I love the fact that they are printed on pearl paper which gives a lovely gentle twinkle in the light How to make

  1. Follow the guidelines for the template to cut out your card. Cover the back with the harlequin paper, the frame with the mottled striped paper and the bauble with the multi striped paper.
  2. Cut a strip of green glitter card, punch out some holes and fix across the middle of the bauble. Cover the top and the bottom sections of the bauble with red glitter card. Cut a decorative shape from gold and red glitter card and fix on the centre of the bauble.
  3. Cut 4 narrow strips from green glitter card and fix across the top and bottom edges of the card. punch a small hole in the top of the bauble, thread a piece of gold ribbon trough and bring round the top of the card then tie a bow.
  4. Cut out a bauble shape from the text paper. Decorate with a strip of stripy paper and glitter card. Punch a hole at the top of the bauble and centrally at the top of the back of the card. Thread ribbon through both and tie in a bow.
I love this card, but then I would, I got mice a mucky with the paint, pure bliss. Also used the cuttlebug and one of the die sets.

How to make
  1. Paint 3 panels of card with a variety of coordinating coloured Ranger paint dabbers. Allow to dry.
  2. Using the dies cut out the designs from the painted panels. Highlight some of the areas on the flowers with a light coloured dabber. Allow to dry
  3. Arrange the pieces on your card and fix in place when happy
  4. Apply a rub on greeting/message onto a piece of the painted card. Trim and fix to the card as shown with foam pads. Optional extra - ink the edges of some pieces with a dark inkpad to add some extra depth to the card.

Blimey, no blog for ages and then a long one that's taken me a ages to do. I'm needing a little snooze now to recover before tea, lol.

A quick update on how Sammy's doing. He learnt to climb the stairs today, now I have to worry about what's left in his reach up there as well. Not to mention the little steaming surprises he may leave for me... bless him... not. He's also growing at supersonic speed and is now twice the size he was when we first picked him up. His little harness actually fits him properly now, it's a hard man black one and he looks most handsome in it. I wanted to put a few studs in it, but Colin wouldn't let me, the boring old fart, lol. He's slowly getting the hang of going out for little walks, and I only have to drag him part of the way now lolololol.

Enough for now, take care all xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well the last few days have certainly been a bit of a rollercoaster. Up one minute then down the next. It has left me with a slightly confoosed feeling which me no likey. No siree, not one bit. So the only answer is to open yet another can of coke eat some chocolate or something equally sweet and naughty, file the bad bits away in that lost part of the brain and start a new day tomorrow like it never happened. If only it was that simple, lol.

Bilbo had to go to the vets again yesterday, poor little sod goes through so much yet he's a happy little pud most of the time dispite the 3 pills a day and the constant eye drops all day long. You see Bilbo has liver damage due to a virus (most likely senario anyway) and in may 2007 the vet gave him a few weeks to live. With a lot of love patience and his amazing fighting spirit he's still with us, but with his immune system severely compromised he does have probs quite regularly. If I had saved all the money we've spent at the vets over the last couple of years I'd be quite well off now. The stingy sods haven't even offered me a discount for being their star client! Am not impressed with that one bit.

Here is my poorly baby asleep on Emma's bean bag
In one of the many cat beds. Am still trying to work out just why they have so many when there is only two of them, when we only have one between us!And here he is asleep in Emma's other bed. There's a pattern developing here, watch out Sammy you could be losing your beds.

Tomorrow, or rather later today Sammy will be going for his first walk out in the big wide world, shame it's going to be monsooning so I'm not expecting to be out for more than a couple of minutes
Needing a touch or cheering up so I thought I'd add a few Christmas card samples. I love Christmas, don't know why really, I just really enjoy the whole thing start to finish.

These were made using Making Memories Fa La La range. I really like this one, so quick and easy to make and very effective when finished.

Serendipidy stamps on these ones.
And with Basic Grey paper. I'd be so lost without Basic Grey.
And with Sandilion papers.
Can't remember the maker of the Father Christmas stamp, but it might be by Stampendous
A card using the Atylicious Seasons Greeting CD and stamps from Graphicus.
Using Delish Designs goodies. If you like sophisticated and elegant then it's definitely worth checking out their stuff.
And a cute one for cat lovers with Design House products.
Well had better call it a night what with having to walk the dog an all tomorrow, lol. Take care all.