Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Aliens are coming!

I've had a very odd time since the last post, and all in all I haven't got much work done. It's almost as if I've been in a time warp and been fast forwarded to this point now. I couldn't even tell you what I've been doing to fill the all the time, lol. Maybe I've been given a little flash of what I will be like when I'm old and forgetful, well Ok even more forgetful than I am now.

Talking of odd, take a looksy at Debs piccy of strange lights in the sky at click on the pic to get a better look at them. It's official, the aliens are on their way, and world domination is going to start from the north of England. Don't say I didn't warn you when it happens.

Here are a few xmas card ideas for you, made with mainly Design House products. The rubber stamps are stocked by Pantiles Papertole at and the papers are stocked by Pantiles and A Card 4 U at

Stamped and water coloured using Sukura stardust pens.
Stamped with Adirondack ink pad
Stamped then Water coloured
Coloured with crystal lacquers
I used some Cute Companions backgrounds for these fun stamped penguins
Ella papers with Black Magic Color Core cardstock and Cuttlebug embossing folder
Another Blooming Fairy
And now an update on Sammy. He's growing fast, his legs are getting longer and so is his back. It's like he gets stretched one way overnight and then the other way the next night. He's getting very naughty at the moment, and I keep finding things with the corners chewed. It's a good job everything (except the carpet) is old and a bit tatty anyway, lol. Once he's over the chewing faze I have a really good excuse to get some new stuff at last.
Colin is back to working away now so he's missing all the fun, and Sammy is really missing him too. Well chewing his ears and nose anyway!
The trouble is he's just too darn cute to stay angry with when he's been naughty, I mean just look at him. How could you stay mad at that for more than a minute?
He's all teeth and claws at the moment, and love a god game of rough and tumble
He's quite fond of collecting bits out of the garden, bringing it in to the living room, chewing it up, spitting all the bits everywhere then walking away with a butter wouldn't melt expression. Thanks for that Sam!

Bye for now and keep an eye open for those Aliens.

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Little Brown Rabbit said...

Great cards, you've got an amazing imagination!

And well what can I say, Sammy is too cute for words, I can see how it's difficult for you to stay angry with him! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos.

x Em