Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tecnology failure

Just a very quick update while I've hi-jacked my Mother-in-laws computer and internet connection. Technology has let me down and I have no broadband connection at home, nothin, zilch, no banana.

As you can imagine I'm less than pleased with the situation. I rely on my email for all things work related, and I have to search for products etc, so it's really not helpful being told that an Engineer can't come till Friday pm. He'd better be the best god damned looking engineer in the world to make up for it that's all I can say. A handsome face and well tuned bod with a cute butt will help pacifi my disposition no end, tee-hee.

Well, got to go now. Will update again as soon as I'm back up and running.
Take care till then, Dee

1 comment:

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hope he turns out to be a hunk! lol!