Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well the last few days have certainly been a bit of a rollercoaster. Up one minute then down the next. It has left me with a slightly confoosed feeling which me no likey. No siree, not one bit. So the only answer is to open yet another can of coke eat some chocolate or something equally sweet and naughty, file the bad bits away in that lost part of the brain and start a new day tomorrow like it never happened. If only it was that simple, lol.

Bilbo had to go to the vets again yesterday, poor little sod goes through so much yet he's a happy little pud most of the time dispite the 3 pills a day and the constant eye drops all day long. You see Bilbo has liver damage due to a virus (most likely senario anyway) and in may 2007 the vet gave him a few weeks to live. With a lot of love patience and his amazing fighting spirit he's still with us, but with his immune system severely compromised he does have probs quite regularly. If I had saved all the money we've spent at the vets over the last couple of years I'd be quite well off now. The stingy sods haven't even offered me a discount for being their star client! Am not impressed with that one bit.

Here is my poorly baby asleep on Emma's bean bag
In one of the many cat beds. Am still trying to work out just why they have so many when there is only two of them, when we only have one between us!And here he is asleep in Emma's other bed. There's a pattern developing here, watch out Sammy you could be losing your beds.

Tomorrow, or rather later today Sammy will be going for his first walk out in the big wide world, shame it's going to be monsooning so I'm not expecting to be out for more than a couple of minutes
Needing a touch or cheering up so I thought I'd add a few Christmas card samples. I love Christmas, don't know why really, I just really enjoy the whole thing start to finish.

These were made using Making Memories Fa La La range. I really like this one, so quick and easy to make and very effective when finished.

Serendipidy stamps on these ones.
And with Basic Grey paper. I'd be so lost without Basic Grey.
And with Sandilion papers.
Can't remember the maker of the Father Christmas stamp, but it might be by Stampendous
A card using the Atylicious Seasons Greeting CD and stamps from Graphicus.
Using Delish Designs goodies. If you like sophisticated and elegant then it's definitely worth checking out their stuff.
And a cute one for cat lovers with Design House products.
Well had better call it a night what with having to walk the dog an all tomorrow, lol. Take care all.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Lovely Christmas cards! And isn't Bilbo handsome, I love the photo of him in the bean bag :)

Sorry you're having a bit of a pants time at the mo. hopefully things will get better for you soon.

x Em

Little Brown Rabbit said...

You are so right- it all ended well in the end!!

Glad you like it :)

Hope you are having a good weekend!

SONIA said...

love your cards but more I love your cat.
I have four and asap I will put them on my blog.
come and have a lock sometimes.