Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's please

Morning all, well that depends when you read this really, but it's morning while I type this.  Sleep seems to be on short supply lately so please forgive any errors as my brain is just not all there at the moment lol.  Once again I have far too many projects so it's a long post again.

Just a quick pic of Sammy, I haven't posted one for quite a while.  A friend took this one when Colin took him down the pub, at the time he was having a good run round the garden with a friend.  I must say he does look very handsome in this pic.

To start with Polka Doodles is celebrating it's 3rd Birthday.  There was an extra post on the PD challenge blog last week and with a massive candy stash to be won. Below is the card I made. There are three layers all a cm deep, but they all fold flat for east postage.
Clarity Stamp Samples from the last show now.

A few Creative Expressions samples now. I enjoyed making all these. I do love getting messy, and boy did I get messy.
 Creative Expressions UTEE, spellbinders swirl flower die, CE stamps, mica flakes, Studio 490 Art Parts and beadazzles

 Aluminium duct (not duck) tape, CE embossing powder, CE bondable film, CE mica flakes, CE mica powder, Studio 490 stamps, alcohol inks, TH tissue tape.

 Couture Creations embossing folders, aluminium duct tape, Rangers Vintaj patina's, CE mica sprays, Archival inkpad, Studio 490 stamps
 CE Mica sprays, CE embossing powders, Studio 490 stamps, Rangers vintaj patina's
 CE embossing powders and vintage UTEE, alcohol inks, Studio 409 stamps, distress stains and inkpads, CE Mica sprays and mica powders
 CE drawing inks, CE embossing powders, distress stains, distress inkpads, Studio 490 Art Parts and stamps, CE text stamp
 Distress inkpad, Adirondack inkpad, TH tissue tape, Studio 490 stamps, Aluminium Duct tape, A special touch mask, Alcohol inks, Archival inkpad, stickles
 CE drawing inks, CE mica paints, CE embossing powder, Studio 490 stamps, ranger enamels
 Spelbinder dies, CE embossing Powders, CE pearl PVA, Studio 490 stamps, distress inkpads
 Grunge board, Studio 490 stamps, CE embossing powders and UTEE, CE mica strays and ink sprays, black paint
Distress inkpads, Aluminium Duct tape, Couture Creations embossing folder, Ranger Vintaj patina's, Studio 490 stamps and Art Parts, CE vintage UTEE, distress stains
Spellbinder dies, CE mica paints, Studio 490 stamps and Art Parts, CE embossing powders and Vintage UTEE, pearl PVA, CE micro beads
 Eco Green chipboard shapes, Distress inkpads, CE Vintage UTEE, that special touch mask, Studio 490 stamps
 Aluminium duct tape, CE Chalk and mica sprays, CE pearl PVA, Distress inkpads
 CE embossing powders, CE mica sprays, CE drawing inks, CE embossing folder, Distress inkpad, CE bakers twine, stickles, Studio 490 stamps
 Studio 490 stamps, Adirondack inkpad, CE bakers twine, CE hat tins
 Studio 490 stamps, distress inkpads, CE embossing powders, CE embossing folder, Distress marker pens
Studio 490 stamps, That special touch masks, Couture creations embossing folder, distress inkpads and stains, CE mica sprays, alcohol inks, CE pearl PVA

Sunday, 6 May 2012

More deColourant makes

Good morning all, although I don't really know what's so good, it's very dingey and damp down here on the South Coast.

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and the emails sent to C&C, it means a lot to me that you took the time to message me.

Before I bombard you with my samples just a quick reminder to check out the Polka Doodles and Kuretake  blogs for for some fabby challenges, comps and inspiration from the design teams. Polka Doodles is De-stress this week, so if you love distressing, inking and vintage then it's the challenge for you.

Below are some more samples using deColourant.

I hand painted this flower and after doing it wished I'd made a better choice of material.  I wasn't about to re-do it though so I have to live with it now.  I really wanted to show a. that you could paint with it and b. that when you do it over patterned material you still get the pattern showing though like a ghost effect.  You can use this to your advantage for some fabulous effects.  If you were to put another layer on (after washing the piece first) It will take it down even more.

This first one is shows the flower after it has been heat activated and before it has been washed.
This is it washed and mounted on a piece of board.  I've added a butterfly and a moth using deColourant and home made stencils with some dies.  I then added some stickles to highlight.
The next two are mixed media canvases
 That Special Touch masks, bubble wrap and the peony stamp by Stampendous


Masks, grunge board, acrylic paints, mica spritzers, mica flakes, beadazzles and decolourant with Creative Expressions stamps
I made a couple of extra cards for the show and an extra one that could be sent out if anyone emailed, hence there are two very similar.
Distress stains and Studio 490 stamps

Distress stains, Indigo Blu and Creative Expressions stamps

An apron stamped using deColourant and Clarity Stamps

A denim shirt using deColourant with masks

A silk hankie using deColourant with a mask.  This is very fine translucent silk so you get a really subtle effect

A silk scarf stamped with deColourant plus and stencils with deColourant.  Again the butterflies are very subtle

deColourant plus with a mask

deColourant with a mask

deColourant plus painted on jeans

deColourant on jeans using my homemade stencils. I then did some rough back stitching with embroidery threads round the images

A sample quilted piece. I wouldn't normally put these colours and patterns together, but I had so many pieces from domoing I decided to do something with them.  It gives you an idea of how you can use bits up if nothing else. Big thanks to Marilyn (my MIL) for sewing the up for me to save me a little bit of time.

Again this is just demo pieces I patchworked into a bag.  I used a round piece of sponge and deColourant to make the spots for the back piece.

Next time I will show all my Clarity show samples.  Till then enjoy your crafting