Sunday, 3 February 2013

Here we are again, and not too long after my last post considering. I'm jumping up and down shouting 'its a miracle' lol.  Actually it is, cos I'd rather be curled up with the dog in front of the telly with a nose bag to catch the drips.  I don't think its a cold (I hope not anyway), just infection spread from my abscess into my sinuses, but I'm on good old penicillin so I'm not fretting about it.

Did you see the Polkadoodles shows on Saturday? Yay some stamps at last, it's been a while since we had some new ones, and these are real cuties.  It's just occurred to me that these were rabbits too, do we have a theme running here?  You can order them from Polkadoodles or Create and Craft.

I'd just like to make a little point that has reared it's ugly head again. Copied crafting CD Roms.  If you get offered them please don't buy them, even if you really want it and can't afford the real thing.  This is theft pure and simple and its taking away valuable income from all the smaller designers such as Cupcake Crafting, Polkadoodles, Robert Adams, Sharon Duncan etc.  These smaller companies cannot afford to lose this income.  Things are tough enough at the moment without making them worse for people who spend hours of blood, sweat and tears designing them.  It really can make the difference of them staying in business or going under.  So please please don't buy them.  The sorry excuses for human beings that sell these copies deserve to be shopped.  Theft is theft and there is no excuse for it, we are all hard up but we don't all go round breaking the law just because it's easy.

This week I had a play with a crafty prototype. It was supposed to be a quick play, but it lasted all day nearly. I had a blast, unfortunately I cant tell you what it is cos I'm quite fond of living, but if you like messy crafting you'll love it.

Anyway, onto the Clarity Samples from today's show. Its always such a shame from our point of views that all the samples don't get shown when they sell out quickly, however it is very good for Barbara which is the main point of doing them.  The bunny rabbits didn't hang about long did they, they hopped right off rather quickly, but then they were rather sweet and my fave sample this time was made with them.

I stamped on fabric with deColourant for this one, then used it to cover a notebook.  Bookbinding glue is essential for this


Aww, the wee bunnies, the one above is so simple but so effective. Mind you I nearly lost the top of a finger cutting out the whiskers, a very near miss indeedy.  The one below is a Joanna Sheen backing paper, it seemed the perfect thing to put the bunnies on

A couple of ATC's.  I don't make them very often, maybe I should make more of them, they are so much quicker than the other samples.