Saturday, 24 July 2010

I'm back ....... Well sort of!!!

Well hello everyone, I am back at last and updating my post. I'm sorry for the long absence but I've been proper poorly, at one point I had to crawl up the stairs and come back down on my bum as I couldn't trust myself not to fall down the flaming things and my legs just wouldn't go high enough for me to even get in the bath. A very sorry state of affairs I can tell you (big pantomime ahhh please, lol).  But I am at last improving even if I still keep falling asleep all over the place. 

I had a little trip out yesterday to Amanda's Hobby Hideout at Selsey, I had some sample cards for Amanda that I should have given her a very long time ago, and I needed to get a few Christmas bits for magazine projects.  I wasn't disappointed as there were lots of new Christmas bits to choose from.  It is a problem sometimes getting new Christmas bits so early for magazine work, but I'm glad to say manufacturers and retailers are starting to get them out a bit earlier now.  After a very pleasant chat I paid for my little armful of goodies and came home, sat down and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours to recover.  Honestly you'd have thought I'd just run a marathon I was that knackered.  Heyho it can only get better can't it.

I have some very sad news too.  Early on Tuesday last week we got a phone call to say Colin's Dad had been rushed  into hospital.  Colin went straight up a short time later when his younger brother phoned to say things were not looking good.  He had a big bleed in his head and there was nothing they could do. Gobsmacked is an understatement for how I felt I can tell you.  Despite Trevor having had a heart problem for many years it was still totally unexpected.  I think most of the family that could get down came and sat at the hospital and after a long fight Trevor passed away at 12.45 on Wednesday morning.  I am devastated.  I loved him like my own father and I still can't quite believe it has all happened, It's taken all my will power not to show how upset I am in front of Colin as I know it would make things far worse for him, but boy'oh'boy it's so hard.  Over the years Colin's parents have done so much for us that we will never be able to repay them.  Trevor truly had a heart of gold and I know it won't be long before he's donning those angel wings and helping us as only angels can.

Onto Polka Doodles news.  And what news it is too.  PD is running a fantastic competition in conjunction with those clever people at Letraset.  There are fabulous prizes so don't be shy, get those creative juices going and give it a go.  Click on the link above to get the full details, but here is what the lovely Nikky wrote on the Polka Doodles blog -

'we have a MEGA competition for you and even MEGA-er-er prizes!!
For the past few months I've been working very closely with Letraset who are the clever people behind the fabulously lush Promarker brand and have been doing some product testing etc for them. Now, this month, hot off the press, Letraset are relaunching their fabulous AQUAMARKER brand

which are basically a WATERCOLOURING marker pen unlike any other I've used.

Aquamarkers have been available for years but in the past they have generally been used by Artists and professional Graphic Designers etc. BUT now we crafters have discovered them Letraset have listened to what we're asking for and are now adding a further 20 colours to the brand which takes the range up to 40 fantastic colours, BUT as they are watercolours you basically can mix any number of colours and shades you want to achieve the massive gamut of 256million squillion colours! Well, ok maybe not quite 256 million squillion, but not far off!

As I've had my hands on the only set of new colours in the UK other than a set in Letraset HQ I've had time to play a little the last couple of weeks, so, I have managed to twist the Marketing Director's arm very hard and he has kindly agreed to donate a FULL SET OF NEW AQUAMARKERS (40 pens, RRP £79.99) to the winner of our fabulous competition!
In addition there will also be some runner up prizes of smaller packs of Aquamarkers too, so a fantastic chance to win for everyone! want to know what you gotta do don't you?WELL, basically we all LOVE colouring in don't we thought we would make this a colouring competition so ANYONE can have a go! We want you to make a card, scrapbook page or any other papercrafting project where you have used a colouring technique - this can be either watercolours or you can use your Promarkers, Sakura pens, Prisma's, watercolour pencils etc, basically any type of medium that gives you a watercolour-type effect.
Now, don't forget this is open to anyone who just loves to colour so don't think that you will only be in with a chance if you're the world's best watercolouring expert - the winning entry could be someone who shows promise and if we think that person could improve their technique massively if they had great products, it could be anyone! So come on, have a go, we want to see your fabulous creations!!
The closing date for entries is 12:00 gmt on Sunday 29th August, so you have LOTS of time to enter and get some practice in! In the meantime, make sure you check back here every Friday as each week until the closing date I will be doing a mini tutorial step by step to show you some techniques using both Promarkers AND Aquamarkers.'
So don't be shy, anyone of any ability can entre.  You don't have to be an expert in watercolouring so please don't be put off if it's something you've not really done much of, or if you think you're rubbish.  Just remember we are never as bad as we think we are, so take a deep breath, dive in and lose yourself in the pure pleasure of colouring in.  I've had a set of Aquamarkers for some years now and they are still going strong.  There is so much more you can do with these pens other than using them as ink for watercolouring.  They are very juicy and perfect for direct to stamp application which really does give a lovely effect, especially on floral stamps.

And even more exciting Polka Doodles news.  If you went to the show at Donnington last week you will have seen the Polka Doodles stand and already be aware of all the new goodies that the ever busy Nikky has had produced for us all.  Oodles of luscious  new stamp designs, all in deep cut rich red rubber already cut out and mounted onto cling foam.  No messing about, just stick it straight onto an acrylic block, ink and stamp away to your hearts content.  There's also 15 devine 'plastic' templates for shaped and pop-out cards.  They are amazingly versatile with many having extra elements so you can really go to town and make some super stunning cards/projects.  So get over to the shop and have a looksy, give them a try and you won't be disappointed with the results.  And while you're there have a browse at all the other wonderful stash that's available.  Be a devil and treat yourself to something nice, you know your deserve it!

Here is my DT card for this weeks challenge on the PD blog.  Kris set the challenge this week and the theme is Christmas in July.  I used one of Nikky's new stamps (well it would have been rude not to now wouldn't it?) which I coloured in with alcohol pens. I used papers from Jingle Jangles cd and did a spot of lining with a gold Promarker to highlight the shapes.  Yes you heard me right, I did say gold Promarker, and of course there is silver too, I love using them as they are not garishly bright and in your face.
More cards I made with a few of the new stamps.  I've used the Aguamarkers for most of these so you can see the lovely results you get when watercolouring with them.  I even used them for a wash background on one of the bird cards.  I hope you like them, I really enjoyed making them, even with a raging temp and aching body that didn't want to obey me I couldn't put them down.
And just a couple using the beautiful Flutterfly stamps but making them Christmassy. The first one is using a faux bleaching technique and the second is using real bleach on the image.
Well that's it for now.  Hopefully it won't be so long before the next post.  Remember to take the time to cherish all the good things in your life and make the most of them.  If your popping by please spare a moment leave me a comment.  I love to read them and really appreciate the fact that you took the time to do it.

Much luv, Dee xxx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dee is a bit poorly at the moment. She will be back as soon as she is able.

Friday, 2 July 2010

The missing member of our family ....... Tears of joy

It's Friday already, how the heck did it come round so fast.  I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I had planned to take the dog for a nice walk on the beach at 7.30 this morning, but I just couldn't get the enthusiasm up and running in time.  I think it's stayed in bed, I have searched for it but it's hiding well in the folds of the duvet and not coming out for anything, lol.

Over the last week I have been clearing the garden and managed to fill the car up and make the trip to the dump 3 times, and I'm still not finished.  It's only a small garden so I have no idea why it was so much.  And, I'm still not finished!  I ran out of steam halfway through the holly tree, which is I have to admit looking a little odd only half done.  Oh well it will just have to stay that way till I get me some more energy and time.  Anyone know a good shop where you can get it? lmao.

On Wednesday I met my 20 year old niece Laura for the first time.  It's been an emotional month or so for our family I can tell you. I won't bore you with the details, but we always knew she was out there somewhere and a short while ago Laura with her mothers help and blessing contacted my brother.  We are all pleased as punch and over the moon.  She is a lovely, beautiful young lady and I'm looking forward to Laura coming to stay for a few days in the near future.  Can't say I'm looking forward to be called Auntie Deanne, It makes me feel old and it's only my Mum and Aunties that ever call me Deanne so I'm going to have to work on that one.

Right lets get my head back to work and craft, not so easy at the moment with so many things rushing round and round in my head, lol.  The challenge on the Polka Doodles blog this week was set by Claire and is to make a decorative item for the home.  I chose to make a Christmas banner with the new cd Paper Boutique Vol 2.  Sorry about the pics, but it's not exactly the easiest thing to photograph.
The sample cards below are all made from the new cd.  The shaped cards are all such fun and will make a real wow when you make and send them out to friends and family.
I made this card so it would tip backwards and forwards, just a bit of fun and it makes it slightly different.
I used the blank templates over the backing papers for the holly wreath.
And another use of the blank templates using Cosmic Shimmer spritzed card this time, then I stamped round the edge using a snowflake stamp from the Christmas Doodles stamp plate.
Have a good weekend everyone.  Enjoy the sun if you get it.