Friday, 2 July 2010

The missing member of our family ....... Tears of joy

It's Friday already, how the heck did it come round so fast.  I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I had planned to take the dog for a nice walk on the beach at 7.30 this morning, but I just couldn't get the enthusiasm up and running in time.  I think it's stayed in bed, I have searched for it but it's hiding well in the folds of the duvet and not coming out for anything, lol.

Over the last week I have been clearing the garden and managed to fill the car up and make the trip to the dump 3 times, and I'm still not finished.  It's only a small garden so I have no idea why it was so much.  And, I'm still not finished!  I ran out of steam halfway through the holly tree, which is I have to admit looking a little odd only half done.  Oh well it will just have to stay that way till I get me some more energy and time.  Anyone know a good shop where you can get it? lmao.

On Wednesday I met my 20 year old niece Laura for the first time.  It's been an emotional month or so for our family I can tell you. I won't bore you with the details, but we always knew she was out there somewhere and a short while ago Laura with her mothers help and blessing contacted my brother.  We are all pleased as punch and over the moon.  She is a lovely, beautiful young lady and I'm looking forward to Laura coming to stay for a few days in the near future.  Can't say I'm looking forward to be called Auntie Deanne, It makes me feel old and it's only my Mum and Aunties that ever call me Deanne so I'm going to have to work on that one.

Right lets get my head back to work and craft, not so easy at the moment with so many things rushing round and round in my head, lol.  The challenge on the Polka Doodles blog this week was set by Claire and is to make a decorative item for the home.  I chose to make a Christmas banner with the new cd Paper Boutique Vol 2.  Sorry about the pics, but it's not exactly the easiest thing to photograph.
The sample cards below are all made from the new cd.  The shaped cards are all such fun and will make a real wow when you make and send them out to friends and family.
I made this card so it would tip backwards and forwards, just a bit of fun and it makes it slightly different.
I used the blank templates over the backing papers for the holly wreath.
And another use of the blank templates using Cosmic Shimmer spritzed card this time, then I stamped round the edge using a snowflake stamp from the Christmas Doodles stamp plate.
Have a good weekend everyone.  Enjoy the sun if you get it.


Kirsti said...

Woa...Its only July are just finished school today for summer (yayy!!) and you are throwing Christmas stuff our way, but it pays to be organised I suppose...Gorgeous projects...

Hope you have fun getting to know your niece!!

Yake care, Kirsti x

Fliss said...

Just wonderful news about your niece Dee and I'm sure you must be over the moon.
Auntie is OK from my point of view as over the last few years 2 of my nieces have made me a great auntie 3 times over-that's when you really start to feel ancient I can tell you!!!
Love all the stuff you've made and you must have been busy making all of those!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Wow! Amazing that you got to meet your niece, how wonderful!

Sorry to hear your are feeling a bit pants though at the moment- hope that sorts itself out soon.

Thanks for your comment- always good to get feedback from another designer :) Loving your shaped cards, they are such good fun.

Hope you have a good week. xxx