Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Window shopping and drooling.

What a busy weekend it was, Saturday I was on the WS Designs stand with Paul Church at the Worthing Show. I met some lovely people and had a really good day, until the end when my resolve buckled and I spent too much money. I am now however the proud owner of the complete set of Copic pens. Well not quite, gasp, shock, horror, one of my sets had a wrong pen in it, so now I have 2 E11's and I'm needing an E21. Am thinking about emailing the makers, but can't decide if it's really worth the effort. I'll let you know the outcome of my decision when I've pondered a little longer.

After the show it was a quick tea and wash and brush up before heading for the inlaws place to meet up with Colin's Uncle who was on a flying visit from York. I'm sorry to say I fell asleep for a while, just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, but they forgave me, knowing I had been out all day. It was the inevitable late night and I had to drag a grumpy tipsy Colin home at 12.45. Grumpy because he never wants to leave anywhere when were out and I'm a miserable boring witch for spoiling his fun, lol. I keep telling him that that is my role in his life and just has to get used to it. You'd have thought that after 18 years he would have realised it's just easier to do what I say!!!

I spend some time window shopping and drooling on the Internet yesterday. Blond Moments have a really fabby fun Christmas collection just launched. All painted and drawn by the fabulous Dyan, master of all things painty, inky and altered at Art From The Heart, you can see them here http://shop.afth.co.uk/blonde-moments-2-c.asp . Paper Artsy have some scrummy rubber stamp plates out. I'm finding the one with the cat on almost impossible to resist, you will find these in Dyan's shop as well, http://shop.afth.co.uk/paper-artsy-27-c.asp

Another drooling must have when I have some wonga is some of the new Bazzill products. The glazed 12x12's are stunning, and now they have some 'Just the Edge cardstock strips', the Christmas ones are going to look just perfect on my cards this year if I manage to get them. You can see them on A Card 4 U's website, along with many other must haves if you dare to look, http://www.acard4u.co.uk/scrapbooking-supplies-bazzill-cardstock-c-23_115.html

A few picks of projects using some older SEI bits and bobs I had. They really are lovely touchy feely papers with flocked detailing and they make really quick cards in a blink of the eye.

Sorry but you're going to have to do a spot of head tilting again. The silly woman in a rush (that'll be me then) forgot to turn some of them the right way up before uploading. Don't say I haven't warned you so no complaining of a stiff neck please.

A natty little napkin holder that I use on my work table to put all those left over bit of cut card and paper when working on a project.

A nice and simple, but effective birthday card using some cuttlebug dies and embossing folders
Another really simple one with some added paper flowers
Mmm, I'm not quite so keen on this one. It seemed like such a good idea at the time!
Just love the leaf designed velvet paper, I could stroke it all day, lol
Daddies little girl Emma
Another quick and easy card
And a concertina pocket card. For some reason none of the tags have ribbon tied on, and I have absolutely no idea why. They did have ribbon ties, just don't know why they're not in this photo. I must have had a visit from the ribbon pixies.
That's all for now. Take care all, Dee xxx


A Card 4 U said...

Cute chick!! and love the concentina card. Bet you ran out of ribbon & pinched it for another project! What colours were they & we'll look out for them in future posts. LOL

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Just found your blog...blog hopping after a day spent in bed suffering with a raging sore throat, temperature and cold...and was intrigued with the 'Worthing Show'. What is this exactly? I ask because |I was born in Worthing and lived there for my first 18 years and I miss it soo much! I love your projects by the way and your blog is looking good for someone who reckoned they had 'bitten off more than they could chew', at the start!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Thanks so much taking the time to leave me a message.

Lil'Ol'Me I have left you a message on your blog, hope it's come through to you.

Luv Dee xxx

Dylan said...

Hi babe, sos I,ve been on the missing list. Thanks for the lurvly comments. Love that napkin holder xx
Let me know if you want any of nmy papers to play with and I,ll getg The Goddess to pretty parcel wrap them for you ..!! x