Thursday, 1 October 2009

Been there, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt

Hooray, I have a connection for the moment, so I'm making the most of it and trying to cram in as much as possible before it goes again. No, I'm afraid my faith in technology isn't quite restored just yet, maybe tomorrow after I've had a visit from Mr hunky-I-can-fix-it man. Well a girl has to have dreams or life's a tad boring.

The other day I decided to take Sammy down to the beach late in the afternoon. He's not been there yet, so I thought I introduce him to the sea. It's funny how you don't take advantage of what's right on your doorstep. The beach is an 8 to 10 minute walk from my house, but I hardly ever go down there. It's a nice quite part of the beach half way between Bognor Town Centre and Pagham. Sadly it's now mostly pebbles from all the sea defence work, and the tide has to be right out before you have a decent amount of sand to walk on. Still better that than having to don your wellies before you get your morning cupper for the start of a soggy day, lol.

You approach the beach up a little lane with some very beautiful, but expensive houses. Tis mighty posh round that bit. This is the your first glimpse of the beach. Mmm, doesn't it look inviting! You just get a little peek of the sea if your lucky.

Spot the dog. He blends in quite well. Good job he was on the lead or I might have lost him. This is him looking not so impressed with my choice of destination.

Right Mum, been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt. Can we go home now? these stones are cold and lumpy under my delicate but perfectly formed little bum you know.

Pretty please, I'm going to get piles if I stay here much longer!

I love all the different colours of the sea. They're always changing and even in the winter it can be beautiful turquoise blue.
This is the view towards Bognor Town and whats left of the Pier.

And this is the view towards Pagham, and further on Selsey Bill.

Last week I had a play with my Glimmer Mists and Sreens. I did enjoy myself and went a bit OTT with the spritzing. At one point there wasn't a spare flat surface downstairs out of puppy reach that didn't have something drying on it. I've probably done enough to last me for the next ten years.

Here are a few samples of my mad spritzing spree. I did dry emboss a few as well which looked quite good.

And heres a few peeks of the finished cards. They are another set for Making Cards, so for the moment, I can show you no more.
I love these snowflake charms. Nearly broke my heart parting with them, but the cards just wouldn't be the same without them

And another sneak. Here are a couple of cards made with one of the craft sheets and backing papers from KaJeD Designs. There really is nothing more satisfying than Turning your own work into something for other people to use. Not long now and you will be able to buy and download them.
I chopped off the bottom part of the frame and made a few blocks to turn the decoupage into a pop out card. It works really well and I love it.
Enough for now, keep well till next time, Dee xxx

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Sam said...

Love the pics of the beach - just gorgeous, and the glimmer mists are yummo!