Thursday, 8 October 2009

The horror of mess!!!

Brace yourselves all. This post contains horrors that may just give you a panic attack grabbing for the brown paper bag to help your breathing. Why are they always brown ones? If you are a tidy freak or sufferers with an OCD for cleanliness, then go no further. I kid you not.

The reason for the warning is simple, there are pictures of my work room. Not my workroom when it's all nice and tidy and everything put away in it's place like you see on many other blogs. Oh no, it's pictures post several projects. It was tidy a week or so ago, but I've really not had the time or energy to sort it over the last week. And it does need sorting out. I really can't work in the mess any more. Enough. Before I embark on anything else, I'm at least going to clear the table, if nothing else.

Now bearing in mind how much stuff is in my workroom, you have to remember that it is also the dinning room on the odd occasion, and we all cram round the table amongst the art and craft paraphernalia. It does at least keep conversation going if there's a lull, lol. And not everything is even in here. We have a cupboard just inside the front door, and this is where all my many pots of paints and glazes are. Think big pots, not your little bottles and tubes of acrylic paint.

Well here we go, take a deep breath. It honestly does get tidied up!!! Dyan, if you read this check halfway down the lamp's arm. Arhh, me lubs it.
Why is there a picture of the fish tank you may ask? Well I made the cabinet underneath, Yes me, all on my own, right from scratch. I drew up the plans, took all my measurements to the wood merchants and got them to cut all the bits to size (couldn't get the wood in the car otherwise). Put it all together, with screws using the electric drill. Then I painted it and did a bit of gilding.

It houses my sewing machine amongst other things. Next to it is my trusty toolbox. It's no good having a cloth trolley when your trundling paint pots about. Believe me what you need is a good'n'sturdy proper tool box just like the boys use. And it works just as well for papercrafting too.
The big shelved wardrobe. Looking at the photo's reminds me I must turn the shelves round. All my stuffs a little heavy for it and their sagging a bit.
In the pink box and all the files on the top shelf are my rubber stamps, all ?!*? of them (that's a lot). All taken off the wooden blocks and mounted on EZ mount. I wouldn't get in the room otherwise.

To lighten the mood a bit here's a few crimbo cards

And to end on a smile a few photo's of Sammy playing his favorite game, tug-of-war. Tugging with one had and trying to take a picture with the other is not easy you know, think I deserve a medal for not loosing my fingers. He always manages to get further up the string of sausages!
And this is him just after I told him off for trying to chew the corner of Lappy................The little monkey.


Dylan said...

Woo hoo I love it. Its a real working craft room. People could spend hours in there. It,ll be blogged tonight ha ha xx

Cath said...

Love your craft room. Don't think I have the nerve to take a photo of mine yet, and your dog is just so adorable.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello! I don't think your desk is that bad! Sooooo should have taken a pic of mine this week! There was me trying to mock up over the top of it all......

As always the pics of sammy are so sweet! And your cards are lovely! :)

x Em

kirsticoo said...

Your craft room looks just as messy as mine... lm(ws)ao... only bigger... great, but I bet you know where practically everything is, right!!!! LOve the cards as well... x

maggie warke said...

thank goodness someone with more stuff than me phew! I have to say your desk is much tidier than mine! If I looked through a camera lens at mine I'd probably pass out (with shame/horror)! I certainly wouldn't win 'How tidy is your craft room!'

Karen said...

Hi Dee
Really honoured by the comment you left on my blog: Thank you.
So pleased that it has given me the chance to see your blog and more of your work: Great inspiration.

Wonderful to see your craft space - love the dryer casually hanging over the door handle - and while my son was over my shoulder trying to persuade me to let him have the computer we both went 'Awwww' at your cute dog!

I'll be back!

Karen :)