Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My mini portfolio

Sorry all, it's been a while again. I have been busy though and very tired, so between the two I haven't had much chance to concentrate and update.

First things first, Bilbo came home last Sunday and is doing quite well all things considered. The vet sent him home with eight pills a day though, poor little sod, it's a good job he's really good with pills or I wouldn't have any hands left now. If it was Baggins I'd have Bob Hope with that lot. I nearly fainted when they told me the amount on the bill though. two nights, 3 days, a scan, a drip, a full blood test and meds adds up to an average weeks wage. Funny how you never see a bankrupt Vet. Still Bilbo is worth it, he's fought all this time and is still very happy and interested in what's going on around him, so I have to do all I can for him.

Sammy is continuing to grow and get into all sorts of mischief. Today he pulled out the telephone wire from the sky box and chew it up. Not a habit I want him to get into, the little monkey.

Remember the plaster piece from the previous post, well this is the card made up. It didn't end up as I had planned. I was going to stamp a reindeer onto metal, play with it a bit then put it on the plaster panel, but Mr ticky-tock time had other ideas.

And this is what I did with the other bits I showed you. I made a little mini portfolio, it's quite cute and shows a few different styles and techniques.

I made a stencil of diamonds from an acetate sheet and dragged an inkpad over the holes to make the backing paper, then overstamped with a stamp from Grahicus.

Perfect pearls on this page. and a spot of digi scribblings for obvious reasons. I actually quite like the scribbles, I'm going to have to remember that one. You never know what else I can use it on lol.

There are more pages but it's just pages of photos, so a bit boring to put them all on here.
And will you look at this, now don't faint, my work room is T.I.D.Y. Or at least it was till today when I started on a new project. I had to capture it it all its neatness (well neat for me anyway) just so I can prove it does get sorted every so often. lol

I kept the old cat scratching post as it's perfect as a stand for Lappy so I can keep an eye on emails and twitter while I work, hehehe. Can't quite make the cat's understand that it is no longer their post. You'd think the lack of rope might give them a clue, but no, they's still be scratchin on the cardboard tube.

Well that's all for now, take care till next time.


zelabstone said...

Wow, what a difference! You will never find anything now. xx

A Card 4 U said...

Fab mini book. Spotted cars?? Why haven't you altered them yet! lol
Lovely tidy room...must go & do mine now.

kirsticoo said...

Wow - almost as neat as mine... I joke of course...mine is a bit of a mess again after gutting it last week...lol...

Loving all the work you have done this week - I have been busy doing backgrounds - need to actually start writing something now...lm(ws)ao...Kirsti x

Little Brown Rabbit said...

So, so glad Bilbo is still happy :)

I love the mini portfolio book.

x Em

Dylan said...

Blimey girl, you been burgled..?? x