Friday, 21 August 2009

Yay it's KaJeD Designs

Just a quick post today with some sneaky peeks at some of the designs that will be finding themselves transformed into craft papers for KaJeD Designs (pronounced caged). We are working away on these and others as we speak, and Kate is weaving her very special magic and producing some lubbly bubbly papers. All very exciting stuff for us, and I can't wait till we can get the shop set up and have something for people to have a squizz at.

Here's our logo, I'm the poor cat locked in the cage, lol.

Winter Ice skating 50's style

And some little cuties done by your's truly. And just for you Dyan I've added the southern softie reindeer, lol.

Bye for now, I have loads of artful creating to do, so I'm off to get on with it.


Julie said...

Yummie peaks...look forward to more :)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hey! I didn't even realise you had started your blog! Looks great- you've done a good job- you'll be a pro at it in no time. Let me know if you come a cropper with anything and I'll try and answer it! Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop :)