Monday, 24 August 2009

Roasted Lobsters at the beach

How hot was it yesterday? It certainly made more than the tomato plants wilt I can tell you. I'm sure the tubs they're in moved nearer the tap. I think the roots snuck through the holes in the bottom and they are are on a sneaky move. I'm keeping my eye on them though so they won't get far, lol.

I had to make a couple of trips along the seafront yesterday, boy was it packed. I think half of London was right here on the beach. Bodies everywhere, heat haze over the tarmac and concrete and a strong smell of sun cream and fish and chips filtering its way through the air-con in the car. Some people were obviously slapping on the cream, but by the second trip later in the afternoon there were a lot of very bright red/pink lobsters walking about. They're gonna be sore today that's for sure. You really would think with all the adverts and warnings that more people would take notice. If yesterday's anything to by, there's still a lot of silly sods out there that think they will never have a problem. Ermmm, wrong answer people.

Sammy has settled in well and totally made himself at home, just need to sort out the P&P training. At the moment he thinks the puppy pads are there for his enjoyment. He grabs and edge then dashes across the room with it. It's such a comical sight, it's hard to tell him off for it. but firm and stern I must be if I'm going to have a non smelly house.

Not a lot of creating has got done in the last few days (I wonder why), but I must get back to it, I'm a bit behind now, so I'm going to be very good from now on. Well try anyway!

I have managed to get one project finished. With paints and inks in the ingredients it was a project I enjoyed doing. There's nothing I like more than getting messy with inks and paints. I had a papermache shape that I gesso'd, then painted and inked, then stamped. I was in my element and in heaven for a few hours. I was going to add some sneaks of this, but I can't find the pics. Seems to be the story of my life right now, so I'll do another post later when I have located them.

Got to get the tea sorted now, so boring, but you've got to eat I spose.

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Little Brown Rabbit said...

I'd love to live in their world too! lol!

So jealous that you live by the beach. I'm looking forward to seeing peeks of your papermache project...............