Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cutting, Sticking and Toxic fumes

Phew, I've made it through all the cutting, sticking and toxic fumes and it's only going to be a day later than the final, final deadline. Not bad going considering the set backs.
Having made all the cards I had to glitter them yesterday and today, so now I've got bloody sparkly specs all over the house. I even found some in my dinner tonight. It's amazing how it travels all over. I seriously think each grain is actually a life form from outer space, and they're planning on taking over the world.

Life's been put on hold mostly since this job was delivered by the postie, so I've not really got much to report on.

Except for one very exciting piece of news. Very soon a new etsy shop will be opening for business selling downloadable papers, digi stamps and brushes. Myself and the very talented Kate Musselwhite (not that she will admit to it) have joined forces to work on our own designs and projects. Kate is one of the Mac designers for the papercrafting company that I also freelance for. It is such a change to actually please yourself design wise. My previous illustrations have been used for craft papers but there is something very satisfying about doing it and knowing that you have complete say over it.

I've been working on a few designs to start with, and I'm really pleased with them so far. They are fun and cute. As in not your granny cute, but sassy cute with humour. And Kate found some of her mums sketches and drawings from when she was a teenager. They are truly amazing images and we are also going to be using some of these. Kate says her mum would be so pleased and proud that they are being used, as she had always wanted to go to art college, but opportunities in the 1950's were sadly few and far between.

We will also be adding photo images at some stage. But as the saying goes 'walk before you run', so we will be taking it one trip-up at a time. I will keep you updated and I may even give you some sneaky peeks if your lucky. Did I really just say that! think the silicon glue fumes must have gone to my head, lol. Wouldn't surprise me if I'm hooked on the stuff now, I've used that much of it over the last few days. I'm probably going to have to wean myself off it now!
Anyways enough rambling for now, here are a few pics for you.
A few pages from a concertina book, using 7 Gypsies products and some inks. That's me in the pink dress. Well if you can call it dress, more like a top with no bottoms. My mum has scarred me for life making me wear such short dresses. She might have thought it looked real cute, but she didn't have to wear the bloody things!!!

A card, sorry forgot to turn it the right way up, just tilt your head to the left and it will look much better honest.
A little somthing for the wall maybe?

And some cards made from the noteworthy range by Making Memories

These were a small part of masses of stuff I made for the Kars stand at the stiches show, and I've just realised it was last years not this years, A bit old maybe, but I still like them.

Take Care till next time

Dee xxx

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