Saturday, 22 August 2009

Killer puppy Samwise

Excitement and chaos reigns in this house today.
A new arrival to our little family. An eight week old Cairn x Jack puppy. We've (well me actually) called him Samwise (sammy) after Frodo's faithful companion in the Lord of the Rings. The cat's have taken it remarkably well. I new Bilbo wouldn't be a problem, but I was worried about Baggins as she has a habit of launching straight for young dogs, especially since we lost Emma in January. But she has been very good, we've had a hiss or two when he's gone gamboling up to her, but she's walked away. To be fair he is very small, so I don't think she feels threatened by him, so we are all pretty much happy so far. Take a look at his royal cuteness, I defy anyone not to go ahh.
He wasn't too sure about the long snake in the garden......
....but then decided to attack. Bilbo was bored by this point and pretended not to take any notice.
Meanwhile Baggins kept watch over the proceedings from a safe distance.
Colin thought it was about time to give the snake a break from needle teeth.
A little snooze after all the killing.
Then wide awake and after a little look round discovered the cats toys. Poor squeaky mouse will never be the same again!

Do you think the beds big enough for him? Lol

That's all for now, I'm pooped from laughing so much, and the little chap is having another sleep in readiness for his next adventure.

Sweet puppy dreams to you all


Rach said...

Awwwwwww how cute!!!!! He's adorable.

Dylan said...

awwwwwwww thats it end of life as you know it!!!! lol

Little Brown Rabbit said...

ok well this is just too cute for words! Please give him a cuddle from me!
Em x