Sunday, 5 December 2010

Xmas decs and then more decs

I'm going to be in so much trouble this year, I've done the unforgivable for a card maker. Yes I've bought ready made Christmas cards.  I hear all your loud gasps of horror, but I just don't have the time or energy, and I'm not putting myself through the stress of trying to get them done in time (it's already too late).  I have a few made so a few lucky people will get handmade ones.

I had a complete disaster with my Polka Doodles challenge card for last week.  I lost the first one I made (still haven't found it), the cat knocked my coke over the second one and then I dropped an inkpad on my third attempt.  I gave up at this point so there is no card from me for that challenge.  Why do inkpads always land ink side down when you drop them?  It's like buttered bread isn't it.

Here are a few Kuretake Alcohol ink projects.  There are just over a hundred gorgeous colours and they work the same way as Ranger Alcohol inks or if you are an artist spirit inks.
Here are a couple of test pieces on foiled cardstock.
I've also done a few more decorations for my tree.  I came across some wooden decorations in Tescos, the boxes have 10 decorations in them for just £1.  Bargain don't you think?  Some I triple embossed and stamped into, then filled in the stamped detail with stickles.  I used a combo of Blond Moments and Cosmic Shimmer embossing powders.  The rest were painted with Ranger paint dabbers, stamped and stickled (is that a word? it is now, lol).  I used Polka Doodles xmas and 7Gypsies stamps.
 The next ones are die-cut grunge paper, painted, stamped and stickled.
Lastly a few pics of the snow, as if most of you haven't had enough of it.  We had loads for us, being on the south coast we either miss it or just get a dusting.
 Heeeeelp, Mum I'm sinking!


Stacey said...

wow the decorations you have made look awesome! I am so gutted we haven't had much snow which is a shame as I do love a snow day!!!

Tip Top said...

I've not been able to find the reindeers in all our tescos - I bought some last year and they were fab! I've only found the angels this year!!

Love the different finishes you've given them!

Saskia said...

Gorgeous box and decorations!!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

Vintage Milly said...

Oooh gorgeous decorations Dee, love them, those pens are ace - love them,