Saturday, 28 January 2012

Well here we are, yes don't faint I've managed to make some time to blog, not that I have too much to say really.  Unless you want to hear about the two nails I ripped off, big ouch.  No? OK I won't go into details.

With the condition of Lupus comes extreme fatigue.  You learn to live with it when it's at a certain point and it becomes the norm, but every so often it hits you hard and fast out of the blue.  Sometimes it's because you've caught a bug or a cold or because you are having a flare up.  It hit me a week and a half ago and I have no idea why, maybe I'm having a mild flare up but just didn't realise, who knows, it's so unpredictable it really could be anything.  It has left me very frustrated though, I really don't have to do much and I'm virtually falling asleep while trying to make a card or while I'm on the computer, so if you're a tweeter and I've suddenly just disappeared you know why. It's not me being rude, I've simply dozed off.

Original paragraph deleted for personal reasons

What ever you think of Twitter it does have a lot of good points and is different for different people.  I hear people say 'why do I want to know what someone is having for tea, or that they are walking the dog etc', well it's so much more than that.  For some it's a way of finding friends with the same interests, for others it's a useful tool for business.  I have found some very good friends, ones I will keep in touch with regardless of twitter, also I have made many work contacts and got a lot of work through twitter.  I enjoy the interaction with people, we laugh, we cry and we help each other out.  It's not for everyone, but it can be a lifeline to some that are shy or lonely.

The challenge over at Polka Doodles this week was set me and I wanted to see projects made with templates.  I used the Christmas Paper Boutique CD for my project. All the templates on the Paper Boutique CD's are really easy to cut out and make  fabulous cards with hardly any effort.  But, add a little creativity to the mix and you can use them for all sorts and get some spectacular results.
Here are a few cards from the January Clarity Stamp show on Create and Craft.  I really enjoyed using the mask stamps, you can make a really striking projects with them, and the harlequin stamp is so useful.
And here are a few Magazine project cards they are in the February edition of Making Cards, so if you want to know how to make them get down to a craft shop or WH Smith and get your self a copy.  I used cupcake holders for one set, I think they're very effective.
I used another of Polka Doodles Paper Boutique CDs for the one below.


Nikky Hall said...

As ever, always inspirational makes from you Dee! And my advice to anyone that doesn't get twitter - we wouldn't know each other if it weren't for tweets and I now consider you one of my greatest friends lovely Dee, a friendship I know will be lifelong unlike so many others! Hope the lupus calms down soon, waste of time telling you to take it easy but I do wish you would! xx

Julia Watts said...

Lovely cards Dee - thanks for sharing. I just love the mask stamp from Clarity - the samples you and Paul made really helped sell the stamps I think. As you know I don't tweet a lot but I do appreciate it being there. Love, Julia xxx

Dee's Craft Room said...

I am always in awe of your amazing work Dee and for this reason I have awarded you the Leibster Blog Award.

Please pop over to my blog at to collect your award.

Best wishes.


Vintage Milly said...

Hello my lovely, I absolutely luuuurve those cards, especially the one with the concertinered doily effect in the middle - love them all in fact. I am sorry to read about that chaps friend but I do hope he continues to have good chats on twitter but I love the fact that you have spoken out about this. I agree with you about Twitter too, yeah some don't get it I know but, the simple fact remains for an awful lot of us out there that, it is an effective comminication tool for a lot of people to form relationships that can otherwise be hard to form in any other way for whatever reason.
Take good care of yourself hun, speak to you soon, lots of hugs,

Lana said...

Fabulous range of cards Dee i especially love the bird cage and the solider though. I never managed to thank you for ever so beautiful Christmas card you kindly sent me it made my day receiving a handmade card.
I didn't mange to send any again!!!
Lana x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Dee, hope you are feeling better. These are beautiful projects, the blue mask card is gorgeous.

Lou said...

WOW Dee what a feast for my eyes. I always drool over the TV when I see your cards that you make for Barbara; they are so stuning and inticate.

Not a Twitter person myself but then I don't knock anyone who is as you clearly demonstrated not everyone is loud, chatty and makes friends easily.

Take care and send some of the craftiness my way as I have no concentration at the moment,