Monday, 9 May 2016

Well hello everyone. What beautiful weather we've been having. Its so nice to have bright sunny days and be nice and warm. Its such a shame I cant sit out in it though but between medication and the Lupus I'm very very sun sensitive so I have to cover up or suffer the consequences. I'm not complaining though, yes it's a pain in the bum sometimes but things could be far far worse.

Its not so good for the poor people and animals of Alberta though. I have a friend In Alberta, a very lovely lady called Susan Weckessa, an artist and craft designer. While shes not right in the thick of it her husband is, as hes a firefighter and has been drafted up to help fight the blaze. My heart goes out to her as she's so worried, its not something you'd ever get used to, your loved one putting himself in danger all the time. What a hero he and all his colleagues are.

I had a fantastic holiday in Canada, the best ever. I went with my friend Jo and my Auntie and Uncle. We flew to Calgary picked up a 30 foot motor home and drove up to Vancouver through the Rockies stopping when we fancied it. Then back down to Calgary via a different route to fly home. As it turned out I did most of the driving as Uncle used to get in a bit of a stew about driving and Jo was scared of the drops on the mountains. It was the most amazing experience ever though. The countryside is unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking, to think of so much of it being ravaged by the fire is almost unthinkable, and the poor wildlife, what a horrible way to go. Praying isn't really my thing, I do it occasionally when friends are having a hard time, but I am praying for Alberta and all its inhabitants. I don't know if it does any good or not, I suppose it depends what you believe in but its worth a try.

Onto samples and a little selection for you again. I hope you like them.
 Polkadoodles Stamp Soup CD and stamps combined.

 Polkadoodles Stamp Soup stamps. Distress reinkers made into sprays for the background and watercoloured for the stamps. 

 Claritystamp Stamps for this one

 A Claritystamp Groovi card. White parchment, some whitework and coloured with Zig Brushables.

For Emerald Crafts and Creative Expressions. Sue Wilson embossing folder and Phill Martin stamps. Very simple to do, just layer up the stamps using different colours.

For Emerald Crafts and Creative Expressions. Sue Wilson paper pad, Creative Expressions Singles stamp, That Special Touch masks, Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish, Colour Clouds and Pearl PVA.

That's it for now. Stay well till next time. Dee x

2 comments: said...

I hope your friend and her Husband are alright Dee, it must be absolutely terryfying for those poor people and the poor and,alas who don't have a chance of escaping. I can't believe how far it has spread!!! On a lighter note, you know I am a fan of your ok Dee, lovely. Xx Sam

Lisapmac said...

Fantastic array of artwork Dee. Really hope your friend's Husband and all the firefighters stay safe, terrible situation.
Hope you're lupus is behaving itself at the moment, it is really nice to have some nice weather x