Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Angel wings

Some very sad news for this post I'm afraid. Sadly I lost Bilbo yesterday morning, he's been ill for a while and has fought like crazy to stay with us, but on Sunday evening I noticed he was a wee bit weak and wobbly on his back legs. I knew instantly that it was his time and took him to the vets on Monday morning. The vet confirmed my fears that there really wasn't any more we could do for him and it was time to say farewell. Bless his heart he kept purring right up to the last moment. He's well and truly earned his angel wings and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Over the weekend I was busy making some cards with KaJeD downloadable papers, available from A Card 4 U (click on the link on the sidebar if you're interested in them). . The first few use the digi stamps and backing papers, the cardstock is all available from The Paper Mill Direct or their shops. I coloured in the stamps with Copic pens, I hope you like them.

These ones were all made with the craft sheets and backgrounds.

That's it for now, take care all and keep warm.


Cath said...

So sorry to read about Bilbo, It is awful when you have to say goodbye to a much loved family member. I remember my husband and I cryed buckets when we had to do the same with our dog. My thoughts are with you.


kirsticoo said...

RIP Bilbo - poor baby... it is always sad when they go... I cried bucketloads even when the hamster died and we only had her about 2 months...so goodness knows what I will be like when Haggis goes and he is 14 in December and westies have a life expectancy of 10-15 years... Our other one died 2 years ago and that was very painful... Hugs to you...x

kirsticoo said...

PS - you have been busy with cards I see... well done - I have not made a single one unless you count the one I made at an SU party...x