Thursday, 24 December 2009

On Christmas Eve

I've been so busy lately that blogging has been scarce, sorry about that. And now my lappy is poorly and has been taken to PC hospital, so no pictures to add of cards or my gorgeous Christmas tree as they are all on Lappy and not on this PC. It's all a bit inconvenient as the PC is in the drafty hallway and my feet freeze, Brrrr.

Well here's a couple of pics to make you smile, giggle or go Aww. The first one is me and my brother, poss 1967.
And this one is my Mum, but I really couldn't tell you when it was, lol.
So just a quick post today wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy yourselves but stay warm and safe.

Luv Dee xxx


kirsticoo said...

Oh My Word... aren't those photos fantastic.... Have a great Christmas and hope Santa is good to you... Love Kirsti x

Dylan said...

Hey babe, thanks for the gorgeous card you sent. love it. Hope you have a fabby Christmas, I,m having the day off...Oh bugger it I might have boxing day as well, lmao xxx

lovefibres said...

Happy New Year, Dee! By the way - you look just like your mum! (and I looked at your shoes and remebered having some just the same!!)