Saturday, 9 January 2010

I'm back at last!

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year. But where did it go? it was over in a flash!

Before Christmas my laptop threw a wobbly and stopped working, well almost but the screen was unreadable, so that has been sent back to the manufacturers for repair. My PC in the mean time had been playing up and kept crashing, so I took that to the man that can. The only problem was it wouldn't go wrong for him (WTF It would barely stay on for more than 5 mins here, if I got it to come on at all), don't you just love them. They cause so much heartache when they go wrong. I felt like my left arm had been cut off. Why do they have to both go wrong at the same time, I mean how cruel was that!

Anyway I have the PC back for now, but I've had to move it into the living room with a wireless adapter so I can get online. It seems It doesn't like living under the stairs. Can't say I blame it that much, I didn't much like using it out there either, sitting in the drafts. Only problem is it sits on a proper full size desk, not one of these small PC units and I don't really have much room in the living room, but hey ho there's nowhere else for it. After much puffing, panting, bad language, crushed ribs, pushing and shoving it's now in it's new home. And one of my armchairs is now under the stairs, useful if I'm puffed after coming down! lol. I did however take out a rather large chunk of wall in the hallway, Oops.

Well I haven't really done much crafting over the holidays, but here's a few I did do.

The person I sent this to loves dots. Just as well me thinks, lol
A sympathy card for my friend who sadly lost her mum to cancer on the Sunday after Christmas. And two birthday cards for men made with the Polka Doodles Back to Nature CD which can be found by clicking on the link on the side bar. Oh and the sympathy card was made with this CD too.
And now loads of Sammy pics (sorry but just can't resist showing him off, he's so scrummy I could eat him). I love the first couple of shots of him looking out the patio doors.
Playing with Colin and his new toy, the squeaky, quacky duck.
And I can't forget Baggins, she's being very sensible and staying in the warm.
Look at all the footprints where I put the food out for the fox. It got a few different visitors. Fox, cat and bird prints.
The seagulls waiting to be fed. I don't like the look of that sky!!!
This white stuff would be fun mum, if it wasn't so cold.
Stay warm and safe everyone.


kirsticoo said...

Happy New Year Dee... Hope you had a good one despite the techi problems...

I love all your cards that you have made especially the dotty one - i too like dots... Take care Kirsti x.

Rach said...

Happy New Year hun! Glad you're back online!

Beautiful cards, I love the acetate one - oh and I'm another dotty fan!


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Fantastic photos of Sammy- what breed is he? I want one! lol!

And great designs as always! Looking forward to seeing more!

x Em