Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mr Tom-flippin-tom

Just how many things can a person do all at the same time?  I found myself pondering that one while lounging in my hotel room on Monday night.  Talking of which I had a fab day on Tuesday, they certainly did pack the products in for the training, although most were only spoken about or we would have still been there at midnight.  Sheena really did make it a fun day though and I came home with all sorts of goodies to play with, oops sorry that should have been practice and prepare with, lol.

I have two gripes about the journey up.  Firstly it took me three and a half hours to get there, I had wanted to stop off at Bicester for a spot of shopping, but by the time I got there it would have meant continuing on in the rush hour, so no thank you to that.  Secondly I must have come across every obnoxious and bloody minded lorry drivers on the roads that day, the amount of near misses I saw had me fearing for my life I can tell you.  And OK so it's actually 3 gripes, Why did Mr Tomtom keep insisting on trying to send me to London first?  You'd have thought he would have given up by the time I got to Newbury, but no I was nearly at Oxford before he finally guessed which route I was taking, just as well really because once I hit Oxford I didn't have a scoobies where I was going.   Then when I got to Kettereing Mr Tomtom failed again and sent me to a layby on the ringroad and told me I had reached my destination, now call me fickle but I didn't much fancy sleeping in the big old tree there, just a bit drafty, noisy and uncomfy, and the privacy issues well just don't go there.

Late but not forgotten, here is my Polka Doodles DT card for last Friday.  Fliss set the challenge to make a Birthday card/project including texture and dimension, and in her Mother favourite colours of blue and peach/orange.  All papers are from All Around and Everywhere CD
And here are a few more cards and other pics to get you yawning, lol.  The first 2 were stamped with Design House Stamps.
The following ones used WS Designs templates and papers from CraftWork Cards
And the last few are using Design House Papers
Ha ha, Just thought I throw this one in to confuse you all.  That's me sat on the back looking all prim and proper.  I would like to point out this was back in the eighties when I was working as a groom.  Don't my babies look beautiful, shiny and clean?  It never lasted long I can tell you.
A few pics from a recent walk on the beach.
This lovely tree is down an ally we walk through, it was laded with flowers.
And these were taken in the garden after the walk.
Well planned that last photo, what a lovely shot of my weeds and dustbin.  I really should learn to engage my brain first, lmao.


Stacey said...

wow, fab card for the challenge last week but I love love love the cupcake cards!!!

Nettie said...

Really great cards Dee. I really like the different cupcake ones.x

Kirsti said...

Wow...lok at all those delicious looking cupcake cards - making me quite peckish...lo....xox