Monday, 7 June 2010

Airport rip-off

Well it's been another busy week and weekend.  I had to go to Southampton airport on Saturday morning to pick Colin up. His flight was delayed by 2 hours in total, luckily I found out just before I was due to leave.  My journey was longer than his so I almost missed his call.  What a rip-off airports are, WH Smiths were charging £1.65 for a small bottle of Pepsi.  How can they justify it?  They really should charge the same as they do in the rest of their shops.  And the parking, just don't get me started, £3.60 for 35 mins, I'll say no more or I'll be ranting for next 3 hours.

I have another trip to Kettering next week, I'm considering getting a tent as a cheaper alternative to hotel bills.  It will be worth it though, It's training for a new product that I think is very exciting, so I'm looking forward to it.

Better late than never, isn't that what they say?  With that in mind here is my DT card from last Friday for Polka Doodles.  The challenge was to make a modern/retro anniversary card.  So if you fancy a go bob along to the blog and check out the other DT ladies challenge cards for some inspiration.
 Just a quickie today I'm afraid, hopefully I'll have more for you next time.


Fliss said...

Love your card Dee and the colours are great.

That Pepsi sounds like a real rip off. I don't know how these stores get away with charging such a lot even for water. I think they do it as they know people have no option but to pay if they want the drink.

The worst rip off we ever had was at the airport in Turkey a couple of years back when we had to pay 8 euros for each item (a coffee, cold drink or chocolate cookie) and our girls had to choose one or the other cos we hadn't got enough left to buy a drink and a cookie.

Sorry to go on but it makes me seeth even now!!!


Nettie said...

Fantastic retro card Dee, your so inspiring!! I hear ya on the airport charges. I suppose they charge those prices because once people are there they have no choice but to pay them.xx

Kirsti said...

I am loving your funky retro anniversary card - the birdies are too cute!!!

Boo at WH Smith charging so much...they are the same for books - was charged 2 for 20pounds for the same books I could have had for 2 for 7pounds in Tesco!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week....xox

~JulieH~ said...

Fabulous card and the gorgeous papers really give your card a real retro feel! Love it