Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday blues and weddings

Hello all, well I'm feeling a little worse for wear today. I'm actually planning on staying in my PJ's and just doing 'sweet fanny adams'.  Yesterday was  a little hectic as we had been invited to 2 weddings. A bit daunting for me as I didn't really know anyone from either, the first one being friends of Colin's from the pub, and the other being one of Colin's workmates.

Colin went to the ceremony for the pub couple on his own, I chickened out of that part but we both went to the pub reception straight after, it's a good job they started that one early as we could at least make it to both receptions, and yes two lots of food, lol.

I got all poshed up too, with a raspberry knitted tunic dress thingy, a slinky ankle length black skirt and a black asymmetric cardy, then to top the outfit off (or bottom it as the case may be), I ended up wearing my black biker boots (nice and dainty don't you think, lol). Well I did put on some black shoes, but my feet were freezing before I'd even left the house, so being a person that goes for comfort over beauty the boots won hands down.

These are the wedding cards I made.  They should have been quick cards, and indeed they look like quick cards, but somewhere along the line the clock went into double time and I have no idea how they took so long, lol.  I used Polka Doodles Love a Cherish CD for these, I was told both couples would appreciate contemporary cards so that's what they got.

Sammy was looking real cute this morning so I grabbed the camera while the going was good.

Sorry for the doggy overload, but I just love the little monkey to bits, he makes me smile and giggle every day.  He also gets told off every day lol.

A card set from a recent Mag article.

More Polka Doodles with this weeks blog challenge, which is to make a project with a hidden element. The design team have made some gorgeous projects to get your creative juices flowing so take a look for some of that all important inspiration. Here's my card.

I used the new cd Sundae of Seasons for all the papers and elements, the yellow nameplates are all ready to have a message written on them for the recipient.  The cards below are all cards I made for Nikky and the launch of the new cd.


Kirsti said...

Wedding cards look fabulous Dee but I would have been lazy and made them both the are the pictures of you in your wedding outfit and the bikers boots..that's exactly what I would do!!!...have a great week...Kirsti x

Tip Top said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love the Wedding cards - great inspiration!!!!