Friday, 22 April 2011

Heat guns. Which one do you like?

Hairdryer style or paint stripper style the heat gun is an essential crafting item.  I could not be without it, ever!  At my last demo I was using it to dry ink and painted pieces when a lady said 'oh what a good idea, I've never thought of using it for that'.  I was gobsmacked, it's never really occurred to me that people wouldn't use it for other things.  You don't have to be a card maker to make full use of it either.  I use it when I'm illustrating as much as when papercrafting.

In total I have 4 different heat guns. The first one I bought was the DoCrafts one, mainly because that was what my local craft shop sold.  I have to say I was never overly impressed with it as it doesn't blow out heat evenly and misses areas.  It was however better than nothing and is now in the drawer just in case my others all decide to blow up.  My second heat gun was the hairdryer styled one by personal Impressions, very quiet which is brilliant for nighttime crafting, and it's nice and gentle so it's good for the ultra thick embossing crystals and shrink plastic.  Like the first one it does seem to miss areas though, and I am on my second one as I managed to burn the first one out.  The third heat gun is the Creative Expressions one, over all it's a very good heat gun and until recently it would have been my first choice.  The newer versions of this one now have two speeds so it you get the best of both worlds, good quality and versatility.  My last heat gun was given to me when I did the filming for Kuretake and in my opinion just beats the CE one by a whisker.   It's directional blow is excellent and it heats embossing powders very nicely.  It's also pink if that's your thing, personally I'm not a pink lover but I don't hold that against it, lol.

So if you haven't already got a heat gun (why not) or are thinking of getting a new one I would highly recommend the Kuretake and the Creative Expressions heat guns.
This weeks challenge over at Polka Doodles is to use 3 different backing papers.  I used papers from the Double Sprinkle of Kraft Cd, added a bow made with raffia and some gems.  Check out the blog to see what the talented design team have made.
Below are all the samples from my last Creative Expressions demo.  I was demoing the Eco Green products and boy did I have fun with the spackle and paints. 


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Lovin' all these designs! I never tried using a heat gun but will def. get this one should i need one.

Helen Anderson said...

Thanks for a very interesting post Dee. I've been thinking for a while whether to get the 'quiet' one for shrink plastic (Lynne Stone isn't around to hear that, is she?!). I have a 'pink pig' - I'm not a pink girl either but I do like it!

Love all of your designs, especially 'nuts about you' - very clever!

Love, Helen x

Claire Phillips said...

Loads of fab projects Dee - really loving the nuts one - great colour and texture! Cheers Claire x

Karen said...

Beautiful designs and lovely work. I think I want these paints now!
I've had two of the hairdryer heat guns - blew the first and the second one just melted when I was using Friendly Plastic.
I have a black one - now sure of the make - it's my emergency one and has two speeds.
I'm on my second and most beloved pink pig. First one broke 'cos it was dropped onto a concrete floor.
I do like pink but not so much a pink girl however i do love my little pink piggy lol x