Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's mainly alcohol inks then!

Well here we are again playing silly buggers with Blogger.  It won't let me sign in on any of the blogs I have access to on the main pages, but it will log me in to write a post.  To be honest it's getting right on my wick, and I'm already in a bad mood.  I had a lovely special dinner all planned for tomorrow.  As we aren't buying Mother's day pressies for our Mums I thought we'd give them a nice dinner.  It's ruined before it's even the day.  I'm so disappointed I can't tell you.  God knows what the dinner is going to be like!  I may as well be cooking a casserole, because that's what it's going to taste like.

OK so enough of my bad mood, here is my card for the Polka Doodles design team challenge.  The challenge was set by the lovely Ruth and we weren't allowed to use any printed backing papers.  I used elements from A Sundae of Seasons CD, added wooden ladybirds and some spotted candy.  For the background I marbled a piece of plain paper using Kurecolor alcohol inks by Kuretake.
On Wednesday I travelled up to Oxfordshire to meet up with Buffy and Steph from Kuretake to do some filming for alcohol ink video tutorials.  I had a fabulous time and Buffy and Steph are so nice.  I did a spot of marbling with water and then with shaving foam.  I had no idea if it would work with shaving foam till I tried it the day before, I was a little worried that the alcohol would react with the foam, but it works just fine although it is a little messy and if you don't like getting inky hands I would wear gloves.  I also inked everything I could possibly think of, OK well not everything as time was limited, lol.

I made up some samples the day before but like an idiot I didn't photograph them (might have been something to do with the fact that I was up till 3 that morning finishing things off and packing up all my gear).  I gave them some of the samples so I'm waiting for Buffy to send me the pictures when she has a spare minute of two.  I do have some pics for you though and when I get the others I will post them.  The tutorials will be on the Kuretake website soon so keep your eye's open for them.
I stamped a sentiment on the one above, but I stamped it upside down (you'd think I would have learnt to check first by now, obviously I haven't).  I hid it behind the inked metal heart. 
I marbled the stamped panel using the shaving foam technique and I inked the sequin waste too.
Ha ha, nothing escaped my mad inking, bubble wrap and shrink plastic (I can hear Lynne screaming now lol) which I double embossed afterwards with clear embossing powder with a light sprinkle of white.

Below are some samples and swatches of different techniques and surfaces.
Marbling with shaving foam of coated cardstock above and plain cardstock below
Marbling with water
Inking on fioled cardstock and sticky-back plastic
 Inking onto holographic and foiled cardstock and glass
 Inking on mirri card, gloss and satin cardstock
 Inking on satin cardstock, acrylic, glass, bottle top and gold heat embossed chipboard
Well I think that's more than enough for now.  If you've made it this far I salute you.


Miria said...

Stunning, Dee! It's definetely worthwhile to have your fingers inky, Hugs, Miria

Helen Anderson (aka Crafty Helen) said...

Salute away Dee!! I've really enjoyed looking at all of your creations - you've inspired me to get on with some of my own! Hope Mother's Day turns out to be really nice for you all. Helen xx

Claire Phillips said...

Mmmmloads of fabulous backgrounds....just what I love - a good old play! Fab cards! Cheers Claire x