Sunday, 27 March 2011

Samples and ..... yep more samples

Hi all, I feel a mega post coming up, so settle down with a nice drink and maybe a biscuit or two. There's Polka Doodles stuff, the long awaited projects from the Paper Artsy and Tim Holtz workshops and Cakes.

First things first here's my Polka Doodles DT challenge for last week.  Sadly I couldn't entre this weeks which was annoying as I had a fab project planned.  Maybe it will fit another one in the future. 

Like most of the Design Team I used the Alice in Wonderland stamps and papers (what a surprise, lol). I made some tags, but I just couldn't choose which one to use so I used them all.  I think the flying hats may be my favourite.  Which one is yours.  I had great fun making these getting really messy in the process, but it was all worth it.  These new stamps are fabulous.  I used inks which I spritzed onto the tags, and Tim Holtz Distress inkpads which I also used to colour in with. I also used some Fantasy Film and Fibre on one of them.
I used some Scrummie Blond Moments embossing powders on this one
A Dyan Reaveley (Art From The Heart) inspired one here.  I hope I've done it justice.
 Now for the sample cards I made with the Alice stamps and papers.
At long last I finally finished off my Tim Holtz and Paper Artsy workshop pieces.  Now I just need to find a suitable place to put them *sweeps arm across shelf with boring old cars on*.  You don't know how much trouble I'll be in if Colin ever reads this, lol.
We had to think of a word for the Tim project.  I came up with diddle!!!  I have absolutely no idea why that popped into my head, what a totally random word.  I couldn't do something normal like Dream, Inspire or Art now could I?  I have to thank Nikky for the idea of putting the truck vertical, sheer genius.  What was strange is that most people put their large space in the middle of the box, both Nikky and I put ours at the side.  I was in a world of my own ( I think I was still reeling form my random word choice) and didn't even notice till a while later. 

The following photos are courtesy of Bethan and Janet.  Thanks Ladies.
Just look at all the goodies we were given to play with.  And yes, we even got one of those spooky armless mini statues.  I wrapped mine up in the tissue tape Egyptian mummy styley and shoved it in the bottle, then glued the cork stopper firmly in place so it couldn't escape (phew, felt so much better once it was imprisoned lol).
Mr Holtz himself
I have no idea what I was doing here.  Probably looking for something lost.  Yikes note to self, go on a diet, double chins really don't suit me!!!
The utterly fabulous Nikki.  Sorry Nikky I just had to add this.  I think it was taken just after she had stabbed a tomato and squirted seeds and juice onto Janet's meal and in her drink of coke.  This picture really sums up our few days away, lots of giggles and fun fun fun.
 Lovely inky, painty hands.  Mine were far worse than these!!!

I had an overload of cakes for my birthday, so grateful thanks go to Colin for 2 packets of cake bars, Nikky for delish cupcakes, Kate for brownies (of course) and Marilyn for carrot cake.  On the other hand, my ever increasing thighs, tum and backside do not thank you lmao.
Ta ta for now.


Miria said...

Hi,Dee. I'm really wordless! How creative you are! I can't really choose just one among all these stunning cards... and tags, omg, they're simply gorgeous! And your Tim's project as well. Nikky will be so proud to have you in the team. Have a nice Sunday, Miria xx
p.s. There are some old cars in my craft room, too ...

Crafty Helen said...

Oh my Dee, you have been a busy bee!! Love, love, love your creations they are all fab. I think my favourite is the 'I'm late...sorry' as that is me all over lol! Glad you all had so much fun with Paper Artsy and Lord T!m xx

Claire Phillips said...

Wonderful creations each and everyone. You obviously have a ball getting inky...can't blame you - fabulous! Cheers Claire x

josie2010 said...

all your samples have blown me away. They are amazing! Absolutely love them! Such an inspiration!
mwah xx