Wednesday, 16 March 2011

That damn cat!

Well here I am at 2.20 in the morning, wide awake and boiling hot.  The reason? My blunder busting cat has just knocked over a can of coke and I've had to scrub the carpet.  Just what I needed after only two and a half hours sleep last night and a belly and a half full of food today, grrrrrr. 

And the reason for over stuffing myself? Well it was my birthday.  I met up with Mum and Dad for lunch at Midhurst. They don't do snacks at lunch time, they have a proper dinner which I don't normally do.  Then OH took me out for dinner/tea this evening.  I seriously feel like a beached whale.

I'm sat here watching an episode of CSI for about the fifth time, but what else do you watch at this time in the morning, it's 2 episodes of Charmed on next and then passport control or something similar.  I'm well versed in night time viewing as I'm often awake.  But tonight I had been asleep till the cat decided to take a flying leap onto the wobbly side table and knock everything flying, and coke is a real bugger for staining the carpet.  I always though cats were poised and light on their feet.  Not so Baggings, when she sees an opening for my lap she launches like a bull in a china shop and if there's anything in her way, well, it's just tough luck.

Butter wouldn't melt!

I have some sample cards for Clarity Stamps to show you.  Barbara asked me to join the Design Team after a couple of people had to step down.  I enjoyed making these, although this month I didn't really have a lot of time so I only made a card for each set of stamps.  I hope you like them.


Crafty Helen said...

Beautiful cards Dee! Your little dog looks very cheeky ;)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Oh dear! Not a great way to end your Birthday! Hope you got all the coke out.

Loving these cards Dee, my favourite is the seaside themed one.

Vintage Milly said...

Tee hee, you sound like me being up at all hours, happy birthday to you Dee, I have gone and missed it haven't I, really sorry, I am so bad with my memory at the mo, hope you had a wonderful day. Your cards are gorgeous hun, I love the first one especially, the steps, scene arrangement and colouring are amazing.
Take care,