Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Calligraphy - to learn or not to learn?

Well here I am contemplating the question for about the millionth time.  It's something I've always wanted to do, but never found the time.  I see samples of calligraphy and think 'wow, wish I could do that'.  Well I could if I bothered to learn how, which I have now promised myself to do ........ sometime soon .......

In the meantime I will have to make do with my normal cheating, ie printing something off the pc and then tracing it with the aid of a light box.  Not brilliant but it does the job for the time being.

I've made a few samples recently for Kuretake, so if you've seen any of their recent shows you may recognise them.
 Chalk writers and one of the lovely corner punches by Kuretake
Chalk writers used with peeloffs (spits over shoulder).  To be honest I'm not a fan of peeloffs but they can be handy sometimes and there are many that do wonderful things with them.
Metallic writers, again with ppppppppp..... yeah them things lol.  These look stunning on dark card, I'll deffo be using these more often.  I think lush is the word for these.
Metallic writers used for writing. Thank goodness I got the spelling right, I think I may have had a right toddler tantrum if I'd finished and spotted a spelling mistake.  I used the pens on one of Polka Doodles stamps for the snowflakes.
Metallic green and green calligraphy pens
The calligraphy pens again
Art and graphic twin tips pens for the background and the coloured image.  Polka Doodles stamp with Kuretakes black sparkle embossing powder.  Kuretake fibres
A&GTT pens again with Polka Doodles stamp.  Kuretake corner punch used for the border and a couple of their brads
A&GTT pens for background and direct to stamp which they are particularly excellent for, very juicy so they stay wet for a long time and they don't pool on the rubber like most other pens.
Embossing pens and Kuretake black sparkle embossing powder.  The calligraphy was freehand, a bit wonky granted, but for me it's quite good.
Embossing pens and black sparkle embossing powder
Embossing pens and black sparkle embossing powder and yes it;s all freehand not a stamp.
Embossing powders and pens again. Corner punch for the border.
 Gold and silver pens (forget which ones) corner pinch and brads
Kuretake Painty pens.  Theses will go on most surfaces and they are really opaque so are excellent for one coat coverage
 Gold and silver pens, corner punch and gems. The flower was made from the waste bits form the punch
 Metallic writer, ribbon and brads
Gold pen, ribbons and corner punch.


Nikky said...

Dee - absolutely amazing samples, LOVE them! I especially <3 the amazing black and red Peace card, I spotted that on the show and thought it was stunning, I'm so going to do that colourway! So lucky to have you on the PD team, you rock xx

Cath said...

Looks like you do a good job without the lessons. Loving these cards.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

wow! you have been busy. They all look great. How do the embossing pens work? do you need a heat gun?

Fliss said...

Bloomin' heck Dee, gorgeous samples and have no idea how you find the time to come up with so many lovely cards!
Your calligraphy looks really good to me too considering you haven't had lessons.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Daniele said...

wow you've been a busy girl, so many inspirational samples, I'd love to have a go at calligraphy but like you its a time thing.....its on my have a go one day list,

Charmayne said...

I've never been brave enough to use my hand writing on any cards. I did try to leanr some basic calligraphy, but was never happy with the result. I'll be sure to have a go at your tip of tracing with the light box though. I love your samples. You should be very proud of your penmanship!

Soo said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Kim Dellow said...

Beautiful Dee, I so love your line embossed card and the purple embossed beauty, I'm always in awe of them when I see them on the shows. Kim