Monday, 8 August 2011

Long Post - Clarity Stamp Bonanza

Well I'm back with all the Clarity Stamps samples (that's if blogger lets me load them all).  There's rather a lot so sit down with a cupper or stiff drink. Hope I don't bore you all silly with them.

Before I go further though I would like to just add my penniesworth on a couple of unfortunate issues that have cropped up recently. The first one regarding the "Pen Gate" saga (as Nikky has affectionately named it).  Nikky Hall of Polka Doodles has been reviewing Alcohol pens, and a damn good job she's done too IMHO.  At no time has she said anything was rubbish and not to buy, there have been good points and bad points to all that she has reviewed so far.  She has done this to give fair and informative information to any crafter out there who may be a bit confused by all the different ones available, and have no idea which ones may suit them best.

Now there are some who think it's not possible to give a fair and impartial view on something when you freelance for rival companies. Utter tosh and nonsense I'm afraid.  As a professional freelancing crafter I work for rival companies all the time, as do most other freelancers.  I always do my best for that company that I'm doing samples for or demonstrating for.  But I will not compromise my integrity and lie for them or praise their products unless I genuinely think they are good quality and do the job they were designed for.  I know Nikky and I can tell you now she follows the same unwritten rules that I do.  Yes she freelances for Kuretake UK ans Letraset, rival companies both selling excellent high quality pens etc.  If they trust Nikky and the rest of us to be fair and give our best for them, then why are others questioning ours and their integrity?

OK onto the second issue.  How to start? it's a hard one, I could be setting myself up for backlash with these issues but hey ho, I feel it needs to be said! 

From time to time I have a flit round the forums like most people, I am a member of a couple but most I just just look in on.  One particular forum gets me riled when ever I go on my wanderings which is such a shame as the majority of members are decent.  So many of their posts start off positive then get hijacked by a negative post and the whole thing turns into an utter bitch fest and witch hunt (eeks I've said it out loud, but that really is what it looks like when you read through the threads).  Now I'm not saying everyone on the forum joins in as they don't, and many try to intercede and change the topic of conversation.  The majority of the members are genuine people who just want to chat about their crafting and other issue and just interact with other crafters, get help with problems or give advice.  This is what it's all about, not picking on someone or a particular company and running them into the ground.  Some of the things that have been said are so hurtful, it's like playground bullying. 

Now there is freedom of speech and constructive criticism, but certain posts go way beyond this.  When you are targeting a person and saying nasty things they should be kept in a private discussion or just kept to yourself, not plastered on an open forum for that person to read all the nastiness.  Don't think for one moment that the people concerned don't ever read these threads because they do.  I firmly believe that you should treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.  If you had a child at school being victimised you'd be the first one down the school to get it stopped and the people involved punished.  I'm sorry but in my opinion it should be no different just because we are adults.

So many times I have thought to join this forum but it has put me off every time I've gone to do so.  I read a thread recently about how members were sick of all the negative posting.  Well done to the first poster and all that commented after, I applaud you all for trying to make a change.  There are many helpful and interesting threads on the forum, and for so many it's a lifeline of communication to like minded people.  This is what it was designed for, chat, information, help and friendship.  

Right I've said my piece and I'll say no more. My views are my own and may not be the same as yours, we are all different after all.

So onto the Clarity Stamp show samples.  Sorry there's rather a lot of them!

That's enough now, sorry if I bored the pants off you. Some Kuretake samples next time.  Not so many though.


Elle The Heiress said...

Good for you & Nikky for not compromising your integrity while reviewing products!

The only bulletin boards that I tend to use are the ones for Close To My Heart consultants, and while most people there are in good spirits, there a few people who when I see that they've posted something I just leave before reading. I have too many other things on my plate to worry & stress about to deal with their negativity, too.

I love your gorgeous cards, as always. The all white "peace" card and the 4 seasons one are my favorites.

Nikky said...

Amazing samples Dee, as always, Barb and myself are v lucky to have you on our teams! Thanks for the support, means a massive amount, ur a true friend xx

Cath said...

Some great cards there Dee. I do agree with you about forums, I just dont go on them now as I just cant understand why people act the way they do.

Look forward to the next bunch of cards,


Gina said...

Well said!!! Your cards are gorgeous.

Karen said...

Gorgeous cards Dee - that all white one is stunning and the wired heat is inspired - would never have thought to use it that way.
Don't belong to any craft forums. They were too nasty. I know it's not everybody but these days peeps do seem to take a good deal of pleasure when something goes wrong for a person - esp if that person is doing well! I was bullied and nasty things said about me - it made me cry for days - so now I stay away.
Good for you sticking up for yourself and Nicky - excuse me but 'go away' those who dare to question your integrity. Hugs to you both Karen x

CazzaG said...

Well said Dee - I don't know of any forms and by the sound of it I don't want too.

Your cards are beautiful as always - just love them all.

Wish I had your talent.xx

Victoria said...

Your cards are beautiful. You are immensely talented. I especially like the white peace card. You've given me lots of ideas on how to use to my own stamps more and in different ways. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Jayscrafts said...

Gosh Dee, you have been busy. Lots of lovely samples - bet you had a great time making them.

Well said on both points, by the way.

Take care.

Love, Julia xx

Daniele said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you Dee for your lovely comment made my day esp. coming from someone who makes incredible cards, you sure have been busy and everyone is different....super talented, as for they're not for me and I love your post about them its refreshing to meet you and Nickky who can do impartial critics for product as its so esy to get carried away with the hype and spend unnecessary money on product that not what you thought it was

Fliss said...

Hi Dee, thanks for your kind comment and no worries on the lack of visiting as I'm the same at the moment with tons of stuff to deal with.
I can see what you've been doing though with all those amazing samples which are all gorgeous.
Here, here from me on the Pengate saga and forum nasties and I totally agree with all you said. I can never understand why people behave like that as I was always taught that if you don't have anything positive to say then say nothing.
Hope you're feeling better health wise at the moment.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Nina Ewerhardy said...

Wow Dee! You always manage to leave me with my jaw on the floor. These are such stunning cards, I hope you don't mind me pinching some inspiration off you :)

Couldn't agree more with everything you said. I am not a member of that forum so I didn't read about it but heard plenty. You and Nikky are doing the right thing. Stay as you are and ignore those who don't like it. That is my motto :)

Lots of love,